Grading Maryland's 'White Ops' Uniforms to Be Sported Against West Virginia

Tyler ConwayFeatured ColumnistSeptember 21, 2012

Photo Courtesy: Washington Post
Photo Courtesy: Washington Post

Like the Oregon Ducks and Nike, the Maryland Terrapins and Under Armor have formed a relationship that puts the school at the forefront of uniform innovation. 

That attempt at making a big splash will once again be on display Saturday, as the Terrapins will unveil their "White Ops" uniforms when they take on the eighth-ranked West Virginia Mountaineers.

Though always noteworthy, Maryland's track record has been mixed. The school has certainly had its hits, but its misses have been far more notable.

Which side do these uniforms fall on? Here's a look at how the Terrapins' "White Ops" uniforms grade out. 


Helmet: 9/10 (A-)

Adorned with the grey-and-white diamond checkers, these helmets are incredibly eye-popping while still sticking to the "all-white-everything" script. Not meant to be the focal point or especially stand out, these helmets make you take notice while not diverting your attention from the sum of the parts. 

Nonetheless, there could have been a little more eye-catching pop put into these. Based on what we have seen so far, the helmet is the only place where the white feels rather bland.


Jerseys: 10/10 (A)

Simply put, every single facet of this jersey is perfect. In an era where companies go for flash over class and gaudy colors over actual style, Maryland chose to stand out in a different way. 

Somehow blending simplicity and stylishness, these are plain jerseys, but no one would ever dare call them that. The lettering and choice of colors pop just enough to grab you while, once again, refusing to take away from the theme.

Brilliant effort here.


Gloves: 7/10 (C)

This is the one place where the "White Ops" theme serves as a hindrance. While not appallingly ugly or even a style misstep, these gloves are just boring. 

Taken as a piece of the overall uniform, it looks fine. On the individual level, however, they look like the plain gloves you or I could buy for $19.95 at a Dick's Sporting Goods store. 


Cleats: 9.5/10 (A)

Like the jerseys, the folks at Under Armor hit a home run with the cleats. Mixing the grey and white seamlessly with a slick design pattern

Regardless, the clincher for this look is the shoelaces. Matched perfectly to the red Maryland lettering from the jersey, the laces give the uniform a top-to-bottom cohesion that proves how much thought was put into this design. 


Overall: 9.5/10 (A)

It's the attention to detail that really sets these uniforms apart. While some companies are trying to create polarizing digs that mix two inherently mismatched colors to get the public talking, Under Armor went with simplicity and class.

Maryland has had its run-ins with bad uniforms in the past, but you'll have a tough time finding a better look than this.