WWE: Why the Survivor Series Main Event Is a Smart Move

SMGAnalyst IINovember 1, 2012

Credit: DesiRulez.net
Credit: DesiRulez.net

When Mick Foley and CM Punk agreed to a traditional five-on-five Survivor Series match, many fans were found scratching their heads. It seemed as though WWE had taken the entire Hell in a Cell card and consolidated all the matches into one giant blob of gooeyness. In other words, WWE had shown us that we could get all of their main feuds in one big match. So then the question is: Was this match a good move? Is this the right match for the main event? Here are three reasons why it was a smart booking move.


Leads to More Matches at Survivor Series

When you shove all of your feuds into one big match, it will ultimately lead to empty time for more matches. Fans will obviously not buy Survivor Series for one match. At the same time, WWE will obviously have to book more matches for the pay-per-view card as well. While there may not be a lot of feuds other than the ones involved in the main event, there are some. We have yet to hear about a Sheamus-Big Show match for the World Heavyweight Championship. In addition, it should be expected to see some version of a John Cena with AJ versus Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero match. That would still leave just three matches for the show. WWE will then be forced to book at least one more traditional Survivor Series elimination match. You can thank the construction of the main event for the depth of the card later on.


Prolongs CM Punk’s Next Title Defense

Since WWE Champion CM Punk is involved in the huge main event at Survivor Series, it is apparent that he will not be defending his title at the PPV. This ultimately will be a good move as WWE buys time as we get closer to the Rock’s title match at Royal Rumble. John Cena is healthy enough to reignite the feud with Punk, but that doesn’t seem likely. Cena is busy starting an angle with Dolph Ziggler, while Ryback has come forth as Punk’s newest challenger. However, at Hell in a Cell, WWE made it known that they are not ready to give the title to Ryback and end Punk’s streak. They made it known with the announcement of this match as well. Instead of giving Ryback a rematch since he was screwed out of his opportunity, WWE elected to go with the traditional five-on-five match instead. This was a clear indication that WWE is prolonging CM Punk’s next title defense for at least one month.


Gives More Attention to the World Heavyweight Championship

With the lack of a WWE Championship match at Survivor Series, all signs point to there being a World Heavyweight Championship rematch between Sheamus and the Big Show. The World Heavyweight Championship has been looked at as less prestigious than the WWE title for a long time now. Both WrestleMania 28 and No Way Out began with the World Heavyweight Championship match. That doesn’t make the title look important. However, at Survivor Series, it may become more significant as the main one-on-one match. WWE has not officially booked this match for Survivor Series, but they should. It would give the title more attention than it has had in a very long time. WWE has an opportunity to right their wrong by making the co-main event a one-on-one Championship match, and they need to take advantage of this opportunity.


Do you think the Survivor Series main event is a smart move? Why or why not? Leave your answers and suggestions in the comment section below.


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