Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Annihilates Twitter with Halloween Hulk Costume

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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Annihilates Twitter with Halloween Hulk Costume
Photo Credit: The Rock Twitter

The awesome, it seems, go as The Hulk for Halloween. 

The Rock's costume took some green body paint, tattered jeans, a wig and years of hard work in the gym. 

Pretty simple, really. 

Dwayne Johnson took to Twitter on Halloween to pretty much destroy the world with his spot-on costume of a Marvel legend, The Incredible Hulk:


Photo Credit: The Rock Twitter

Um, how has this man not played The Hulk in real life. It all makes perfect sense now and there needs to be a reboot. 

However, he can't play Bruce Banner. He can only play The Hulk, which another schlub actor turns into when they get angry, because nobody is going to buy The Rock as Bruce Banner. 

There is far too much epic in those arms and tree-trunk legs. 

Not sure if it's true, but I like to think it is. Here is what World of Isaac had for us in a tweet:


With over 3.5 million followers and the world hyped up for Halloween cheer, we can believe this picture has been tweeted an obscene amount of times. 

With so many great costumes from the famous to the near anonymous, it's still pretty difficult not to consider The Rock the champion of Halloween 2012. 

In fact, I will go ahead and do so, because I don't want to make him mad. 

Follow me on Twitter, because like Michelangelo, I'm a party dude. 

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