Fighter Tries To Act Tough, Gets Knocked Out in Epic Fashion

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Here is one MMA fighter with confidence for days and bravado aplenty, all of which caused him to get knocked out quickly. 

There isn't much known about this video, so I looked to the comments for some added details and found a brilliant description. 

One comment on YouTube issued, "Nice to see King Hippo still gets work."

There was also Sports Pickle, who spotted the remarkable resemblance of this situation to the Nintendo classic. 

Yes, that is exactly what this looks like—a fighter dropping his guard for no reason other than to taunt his opponent. 

The only thing missing would be an X on his belly button, providing a target similar to the video game character from Punch Out

Dude basically says, "Hit me with your best shot," with his maniacal glare. His opponent may not give his best shot, but it's a pretty good one that managed to put our King Hippo to sleep immediately. 

As if this video wasn't crazy enough, someone who we presume is another fighter comes flying in at the 46-second mark as if he was practicing parkour in the neighborhood and just decided to stop by. 

Even Little Mac never enjoyed a round so swift and a beating so thorough. Then again, none of his cartoon opponents were so silly as to leave themselves that wide open. 

We haven't seen a beating like that since the last time we fired up the Nintendo and fought Glass Joe. 

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