Can This Torry Spell......Raiders?

drew pollockContributor IMarch 14, 2009

Can you spell...Torry, as in Torry Holt, Super bowl champ, Pro Bowl receiver and more importantly ...unemployed?  As Holt was released after 10 years in St.Louis, the attention of a nation of Raiders fans suddenly focused east, my boy.  As we prepare for a new beginning, with a new regime, it becomes all too evident that a veteran influence is needed on the offensive side of the ball, and Holt should be that man. 

Though his numbers weren't great (64rec./786yrds/12.4avg/three td's), he was head and shoulders above any receiver on the current roster, and let's not punish him for being a Ram. The Rams Line is a worse turnstile than the Raiders, QB play suspect, and a supporting cast of wideouts not even Holt could remember. 

What Holt brings is heart, head, and maturity which Tom Cable's offensive huddle is in desperate need of. Let's call it a guiding hand to the kids (Johnnie Lee Higgins, Chaz Schillens, JaMarcus Russell, and Darren McFadden) and a winning attitude with a little showmanship to boot.  Al Davis loves players with winning past and a first-round pedigree, especially if he is a future HOF inductee, which Holt is. 

Davis has been very schrewd and frugal this offseason and for good reason, but this should be a no-brainer and a smart buy at a reasonable price, if you can get T.O. at $6.5 million (one year), Holt can be had at around $5 million (15 to 20 total) on a three or four-year deal with a third guaranteed. For the growth of the franchise and Russell's development, this is a must buy, and think how this will free up Zach Miller over the middle.

Money can buy leadership and class.  Torry Holt HOF receiver of the Oakland Raiders.....sounds sweet to me.