Al Davis: Creature Of Habit

Ivahn LachowskySenior Analyst IMarch 20, 2008

Face it, Oakland Raiders fans—Al Davis is a creature of habit, and will not budge whether you agree with his policies or not.

"Just win baby" is his motto not "Just whine baby"

Al has once again put the Raiders on the front page and created a story and uproar which is not something new.

He continues to be one of the more colorful characters in the league and also one of the most ruthless businessmen, as well as the face of the Oakland Raiders.

Be it not a pretty face but then a again when have the Raiders ever had a pretty face?

Another of Al's mottos is "Win at all costs" do you really think a man who lives by these mottos won't take his ownership and control to the grave.

I recently watched John Madden's induction in the Hall Of Fame and there is a short interview with Mr Davis were he states to Jerry Jones owner of the Dallas Cowboys that he feels that he is riding off into the sunset...... meaning that he knows time is at a premium.

That is all Raiders fans who think he is screwing things up should remember only the inevitable will take Al Davis away from the team he loves so much.

I believe he is trying to send the right message and right the ship. This guy has to use a walker to get around but he still manages to be on the move and be as feisty as ever pushing 80 years of age.

Look at it this way he has brought in a monster of a Quarterback in Jemarcus Russell spent a ton of cash on players such as receivers Javon Walker, Drew Carter, safety Gibril Wilson, and possibly cornerback DeAngelo Hall, thats not too shabby.

Also we could see the creature of habit continue his Long ways by drafting defensive end Chris Long son of Raider legend Howie Long.

With some good pieces already in place and some fresh faces arriving it should be a better year for the Raiders.

Al has also said he won't leave until he wins two more Super Bowls, so it looks like he will at least live another 20 years—much to the delight of some of the Raider Nation.