San Francisco Giants Parade 2012: Halloween Ceremony Fits Eccentric Squad

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San Francisco Giants Parade 2012: Halloween Ceremony Fits Eccentric Squad
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Fun-loving, eccentric folks truly enjoy Halloween, and that fits the 2012 World Series champion San Francisco Giants perfectly.

Good thing, too, because according to San Francisco mayor Edwin Lee, the Giants' celebratory parade will be held on Wednesday, October 31:

Halloween isn't a revered holiday. It's a celebration, for lack of a better word, of misfits. People change their appearance for one night with no regard for how it appears to everyone else.

That, in its equally bizarre way, fits the Giants. San Francisco is by no means a traditional team. You won't find a superstar name, big-time payroll or inflated ego in the bunch. Then, for one month of the year, they put on a costume and parade around as the league's best team.

Not saying that they aren't one of the league's best teams, but baseball fans will always sleep on this team in the regular season. It's too easy to do so. That allows them to transform themselves at the opportune time, fool people and pick up treats along the way.

It's really not that different than you going door to door dressed as Captain America and collecting candy.

You can take it on an individual basis as well. Pablo Sandoval hit 12 home runs on the season, but in Game 1 he transformed into Reggie Jackson and clocked three bombs. Barry Zito has had a bumpy career, but he delivered an epic start in Game 1, pacing the Giants' win. Marco Scutaro used the postseason to make himself into a consistent hitter, something that he's normally not.

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The Giants put on their costumes every October. They spend April to September trudging along like everyone else, but Halloween is a month-long extravaganza to them. That's what makes Wednesday's parade so fitting.

The exact route of the festivities aren't known yet, but they should be relatively soon. If you're in the area, go there. You don't want to miss this. This is a fun group of players who are riding a pretty incredible run in the salary cap-less baseball world.

It's not explainable, and that's what makes it so amazing. When you go, wear your costumes. The Giants have been for 16 games now, so they won't mind.

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