Football Manager 2013: Huge Roster of Players Is Highlight of New Features

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIOctober 25, 2012

image from football
image from football

Football Manager 2013 is the premier football management simulation available. The new version boasts over 900 new features per Gamestop, and the growing roster of players is one of the biggest additions to the game.

For virtual football fanatics that prefer to simply manage their teams, as opposed to actually control individual players, FM 2013 is the best option.

The amount of real-life players in the database is staggering. With over 500,000 footballers at your disposal, PC and Mac gamers should have plenty of stars to choose from. The players can be dispersed or assigned to clubs from over 50 different nations.

The gaming engine and options are all very important, but the multitude of clubs and real player representation is key.

For sports management simulations, the biggest draw is in the depth of control gamers have over their club. That is augmented by the amount of clubs available to interact with, and subsequently that comes down to players.

Obviously, much of this action centers around the transfer system.

FM 2013 has the most detailed and authentic transfer system of any football simulation. Take a look at these videos that break down the new transfer enhancements for the upcoming version:


In football, there's a plethora of valuable licenses for a game developer to obtain. These licenses can become very expensive to obtain. FM 2013 goes the alternative route in offering a ton of customization which allows gamers to fill the gaps.

While you may not see all the authenticity for every major club, having such a wide variety of real players gives you enough of the real world to go and create your own experience. In the end, that's what it's all about.

FM 2013 is set to release on November 2, per IGN. If you're a PC or Mac gamer, or a football fan that has a strong desire to control every aspect of a club, this is definitely worth a look.


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