Cleveland Cavaliers: 4 Possible Trades That Would Shake Up the Season

Greg Swartz@@CavsGregBRCleveland Cavaliers Lead WriterOctober 25, 2012

Cleveland Cavaliers: 4 Possible Trades That Would Shake Up the Season

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    With the NBA season drawing nearer, it's never too early to look ahead to any possible trades that could be made.

    While trade talk has surrounded Anderson Varejao for years, other Cavs like Daniel Gibson, Luke Walton and Omri Casspi could be on the block as well.

    We all know general manager Chris Grant loves stocking draft picks and isn't afraid to pull off a big trade to do so.

    If the Cavs get off to a slow start, here are four possible deals they could swing to improve their future.

Trade No. 1: Luke Walton Gives Orlando Cap Relief

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    Cavaliers Receive: Al Harrington, Future Pick Considerations

    Magic Receive: Luke Walton


    While this may represent a complete mismatch in terms of talent, Orlando would be wise to pull off this trade with the Cavs.

    Despite trading Dwight Howard, the Magic are still over the salary cap and have lots of pricy veterans on what looks to be the newest rebuilding club.

    One of these veterans is Harrington, who is owed roughly $22 million over the next three seasons.  While this isn't a huge amount, combined with the contracts of Hedo Turkoglu, Glen Davis, Jameer Nelson and Arron Afflalo makes for an expensive bunch.

    Luke Walton won't help their team in any way shape or form this season, but he does carry an expiring $6 million contract that will help ease Orlando's financial burden.

    Getting Harrington would give the Cavs a veteran scorer off the bench that they could certainly use. Having cap space to spare, taking on the extra money wouldn't be a big deal for the production they would get out of Harrington.

Trade No. 2: Daniel Gibson to Chicago Bulls

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    Cavaliers Receive: $4.7 million trade exception, 2013 2nd Round Pick

    Bulls Receive: Daniel Gibson


    The Bulls have struggled at the shooting guard position for years now and could use another deep threat off their bench.

    Gibson is in the last year of his contract with the Cavs and probably won't be brought back due to his past history of injuries and inconsistent play.

    Chicago is over the cap, but wouldn't have to match-up salaries with the Cavs becasue of the $5 million trade exception they hold from the Kyle Korver trade.

    Cleveland should also ask for a second round pick either this year or next for an additional asset besides the exception.

    The Bulls will be looking to make a few deals around the February deadline because of Derrick Rose's extended absence. Adding Gibson would help their overall scoring and guard play.

Trade No. 3: Anderson Varejao to Golden State Warriors

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    Cavaliers Receive: Richard Jefferson, Festus Ezeli, Warriors 2013 1st Round Pick

    Warriors Receive: Anderson Varejao


    It's no secret that the Warriors have been interested in Varejao before.

    There was even talk that the Cavs turned down a Warriors draft day offer of Varejao and the 24th overall pick for the Warriors 7th overall pick which turned into Harrison Barnes.

    This may never be confirmed as true, but it was probably the best offer Cleveland could get for the veteran big man.

    In this deal, Varejao would go back to an improved Golden State team as their first big off the bench and a great insurance policy for Andrew Bogut.

    The Cavs would likely be ok taking back Richard Jefferson (two years, $21 million) or Andris Biedrins (two years, $18 million) to help match up salaries with Varejao. Of course, they would want a high pick with taking back a contract like that, which would likely be the W's first rounder this coming season.

    The Warriors will be improved and should have their pick fall around the mid first round.

    Cleveland would be wise to ask for young talent as well, with rookies Festus Ezeli and Draymond Green at the top of their list.

Trade No. 4: Cavs, Grizzlies, Rockets Blockbuster

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    Cavaliers Receive: Marc Gasol from Memphis, Shaun Livingston from Houston

    Grizzlies Receive: Anderson Varejao, Donald Sloan from Cleveland, Kevin Martin, Chandler Parsons from Houston

    Rockets Receive: Rudy Gay from Memphis, Omri Casspi from Cleveland


    Mixing things up a bit, what about this three-team trade between the Cavs, Rockets and Grizzlies?

    Varejao is once again on the move, this time teaming up with Zach Randolph in the Memphis frontcourt. Cleveland also parts with backups Sloan and Casspi but lands one of the league's best centers in Gasol. Livingston has an expiring contract and will take up Sloan's minutes backing up Kyrie Irving.

    The Grizzlies part with two of their three highest paid players while staying competitive with Martin, Varejao and Parsons as new potential starters. Sloan provides depth behind Mike Conley.

    The Rockets, desperate for a star player, agree to part with some young talent to acquire Gay who they originally drafted in 2006. They also add Casspi to help make up for the loss of Parsons at small forward.

    While this trade is a longshot at best, it does make sense for every team involved.

    If Cleveland has an opportunity to acquire a center like Gasol, they should absolutely take it.