Odds Wisconsin or Florida State Can Flip 5-Star RB Alex Collins from Miami

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIOctober 24, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

The 5-star running back Alex Collins is currently committed to play for the University of Miami, but what are the odds that his other two interests, Wisconsin and Florida State, can get him to flip?

Frankly, I believe those odds are very small, but according to quotes via Matt Shodell of CaneSport.com, his decision is not final, yet:

According to his coach, Doug Gatewood, it means that while Collins is still a soft UM commitment he will soon either be decommitting or making that a solid commitment.

Gatewood says Collins is down to a final three of Miami, Florida State and Wisconsin.

If you're wondering my thought process behind this, take a look at a later quote from Coach Gatewood via Shodell's report, concerning Collins' status:

Gatewood adds that "He hasn't decommitted from Miami, changed anything in his status. In my regard that's still where he's attending."

Both Wisconsin and Florida State would be great choices for the talented 5-star back, but it sounds as if Collins' coach feels that Miami is still the place the running back will be attending. High school coaches oftentimes play a huge role in the recruiting process, whether it be talking to recruiters for the players or advising them on decisions, so when it comes down to rumors and speculation, I'd trust the instinct of the coach.

Coach Gatewood made it clear in Shodell's report that he got feedback from Collins regarding his recent visit to Miami and that he's given him advice, so it's rather obvious that he's probably one of the more plugged in people regarding Collins' commitment.

All that said, anybody who follows college football recruiting will tell you that decisions and commitments can change at a moment's notice, so Miami fans should be searching for a little bit more assurance.

Collins has visited all three schools, and if there's anything positive out of this, it's that he visited Miami last.

In recruiting I firmly believe that it's last impressions, not first ones, that are lasting.

Miami was the last school he visited, which means that the Hurricanes will be fresh in his mind, and hopefully any good impression they made can trump what both Wisconsin and Florida State brought to the table for Collins.

It's also important to remember that he still is committed to Miami, so they still have a huge advantage in his recruitment by default.

Wisconsin and FSU are great options, this is nothing against them, but the Hurricanes have already impressed Collins enough to get his original commitment, and at this point it appears as if the odds of him turning away from that commitment are very small.

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