Phoenix Suns: The Sand in the Desert Is Quickly Running Out

Avi ScherContributor IIMarch 12, 2009

The Phoenix Suns lost there last five games, but if they would have gotten the win over the Mav's on Tuesday we could have forgotten the four losses. Tonight, the Suns play LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers, and it looks like the Suns will be 0-6 after tonight.


Can they still make the playoffs?


After tonight’s game against the Cav’s, the Suns have an easier schedule. The next four games are against the Thunder, Warriors, 76ers, and the Wizards, all teams under .500 (the 76ers, are at .500), hopefully the Suns will be able to win these four games (also be the first four-game winning streak of the season).


Hopefully this will help the Suns get there confidence back, because there going to need it for the four games after which they will be playing the Nuggets, Jazz, Blazers and the Jazz again, three teams that the Suns HAVE to beat if they want to try and make the playoffs.


The Phoenix Suns are five games away from Dallas and Denver, and six games from Houston, Utah, Portland. Houston and Denver have played two games more then the Suns, so if the Suns win there next two games then there will only be a four game difference between them.


Denverhas four easy games coming up, they will be playing the Clippers, Nets, Grizzlies and the Wizards. I don’t think we will see any changes with the Nuggets this next week. But the week after they have four tough games, they will be meeting the Suns, Hornets, and Mavericks, all on the road, this can make the difference.


Portland has a good schedule. They have some tough games, but mostly they play the teams that are out of the playoffs (but let’s face it, the way the Trail Blazers are playing, the top teams don’t stand a change).


The Rockets have the toughest schedule, they still have to meet on the road the, Hornets, Spurs, Jazz, Suns, Lakers and Dallas, and at home they have the Magic, trail Blazers, Hornets, Spurs and Pistons.


The Rockets are probably the Suns biggest hope to make the playoffs, but who can forget last year when the Rockets lost there star and won 23 in a row.


Utah also has a tough schedule, they will be playing on the road the Heat, Magic, Suns, Trail Blazers, Nuggets, Hornets, Mav’s, Spurs and Lakers, and at home they play the Rockets and Suns, now the Jazz have the second best home record in the west and not a great road record.


The Jazz just won 12 in a row, and got stopped by the Hawks. Out of the 12 games they won four games on the road against the Timberwolves, Warriors, Raptors and Pacers, and at home they beat some of the top teams in the NBA, including the Celtics, Lakers, Hornets, Rockets, Nuggets.


The question is, can they win on the road against some of the better teams in the NBA, the Jazz have a tough road schedule ahead. We will see if they can keep up there amazing pace until the end of the regular season.


Dallas also has a tough schedule, they will be meeting the Lakers, Pistons, Hawks, Nuggets, Cav’s, Heat, Suns, Utah, Rockets and the New Orleans Hornets twice. The way Dallas has been playing I don’t see them not making the playoffs, I even think they’re finish third or fourth.



Bottom line: The Houston Rockets have the toughest schedule until the end of the regular season, but if they will be able to win a couple of games on the road then they’re be in the playoffs.


Also the Jazz have a tough schedule, mostly road games are against teams that are over .500. We will find out soon if there 12 game winning streak was just because of the teams they played or because they’re that good (on the road of course, at home we know they’re that good).


But of course, if the Suns can’t beat any of the top teams they’ll be on vacation in mid April. Of course who said they will be beat the teams that are less them .500?



Important note: Nash hasn’t missed the playoffs since 2000, and Shaq since his rookie year in Orlando (16 year ago)!!!


One thing is for sure,  if you look at the schedule for the remaining of the season you will see that it can all go down to the last game of the regular season.


Like they say: “Where amazing happens.”