Building an NFL Trade Deadline Wish List for the Seattle Seahawks

Josh SteinContributor IIIOctober 21, 2012

Building an NFL Trade Deadline Wish List for the Seattle Seahawks

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    The Seattle Seahawks are just over .500 this year, which may have John Schneider and Pete Carroll believing it's time to see what the trade market is looking like.

    Several positions, primarily on the offensive end, haven't really been up to par and have caused the Seahawks to drop a few games down the stretch

    Here's a look at three players that Seattle could realistically be looking to obtain by the league's trade deadline next week as it makes a push at the playoffs. Spoiler alert, however, is that all of them are receivers.

    Receiver is our biggest need, and there are plenty that will be available next week. We may have some other needs, with the tight ends and offensive line not being elite, but I believe Pete Carroll and the rest of the staff will wait until the end of the season to address those if needed.


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    The Seahawks could be 6-1 right now; we all know that. Drops have crushed the 'Hawks in crucial moments like in St. Louis and Arizona. But we need a star receiver for much more than that.

    Russell Wilson has been dwelling at the bottom of the league in almost all QB categories, but he isn't all to blame, as he has done his job as a game manager. And although the play-calling hasn't been very exciting, it hasn't shot us in the foot. Our receivers could be the ones to blame after none of them have really stepped up to take control of a needed spot as star pass-catcher.

    The lack of receiving could also start being detrimental to the running game, even though Marshawn Lynch does have one of the highest rushing totals in the league. Teams will start studying the Seahawks and realizing that they can stack the box and leave one-on-one coverage on the outside with little risk.

    Braylon Edwards was thought to be the answer, but he just hasn't stepped up. And even a newly healthy Sidney Rice hasn't done anything special so far. Russell Wilson needs a weapon, and there are a few that could be available in the coming weeks.

Devery Henderson

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    The first receiver that comes to mind is Devery Henderson from the Saints, as he may be put on the block in the coming weeks.

    Henderson is a hell of a player and has a large potential. You may be asking me, "Why hasn't he produced Pro Bowl numbers in New Orleans?"  The answer is simple, there aren't enough balls to go around. With Jimmy Graham, Marques Colston, and others, not every single one of them can play great at a consistent  level. That isn't the case in Seattle.

    Also the Saints have been dreadful this year and may try to get something from some of the players on the last year of their contracts, like Henderson. He has great speed, good height, and the ability to play the outside. Although he may not be a star yet, he is a very respectable player that could come at a very manageable cost if the Seahawks go after him.

Wes Welker

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    The next receiver on my list of potential Seattle prospects is Wes Welker from the Patriots, though I am not to fond of this potential addition.

    While he is most likely a player who will be put on the block by Bill Belichick and the rest of their front office, and fits the Seattle style of throwing short routes, he just doesn't seem to be that great of a player. His success seems to just be the result of a very friendly Patriots regime. He has Tom Brady and gets one on one coverage because the plethora of weapons in New England.

    His high receptions totals of the past few years have just been because he has been left pen on short routes so that secondaries can pay attention to the two headed monster at tight end. Also, the addition of a run game has left him even more room by secondaries having to creep up for help. Unfortunately, Seattle isn't so lucky and opposing defenses will keep a closer eye on him in Seattle.

    His likely high cost that he's expecting from his next contract may also be a deciding factor as he will be on the block because of his inability to negotiate his high price that he wants. But besides all that, Welker may have some suitors, with one of them possibly being the Seahawks.

Dwayne Bowe

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    The last, and most exciting, player in this list of potential Seahawks' targets at receiver before the trade deadline is All-Pro Chiefs' receiver Dwayne Bowe. Known as one of the best outside receivers in the game, Bowe has the skill set to lead the Seahawks to unseen offensive glory.

    He has been having what some may consider his best season of his career and has been unguardable thus far. His long reach and sure hands coupled with his speed have put him in the elite group of receivers, even with the worst QB situation in football.

    That QB situation, along with the dismal start for the Chiefs, have sparked his desire to leave Kansas City for a contender, and his large contract next season means the Seahawks could get him for a steal, in terms of trade assets.

    The could involve trading Matt Flynn, in light of the QB meltdown in KC, but I doubt Seattle would do that. The much more likely scenario would make Seattle give away some of their high picks to the Chiefs. But the price of Bowe may be worth the show he puts on if he ever puts on a Seahawks jersey.