Tim Tebow: New York Jets X-Factor Will Lead Team to Victory over New England

Kamille SimmonsContributor IIIOctober 19, 2012

Tim Tebow runs the ball in the NY Jets Week 5 games against the Houston Texans
Tim Tebow runs the ball in the NY Jets Week 5 games against the Houston TexansAl Bello/Getty Images

Let’s start with a little riddle: how does an NFL team win a football game with two quarterbacks who can’t throw?

Answer: It runs the ball.

Ok, not the best riddle, but you get the idea.

The New York Jets beat the Indianapolis Colts last week 35-9. That’s right, the New York Jets put up a whopping 35 points in just one game. 

In the four games following the Jets 48-point show in Week 1 against the Buffalo Bills, the Jets scored a total of 50 points.

And let’s not forget that this team went their first three preseason games without scoring a touchdown.

In Sunday’s game, the Jets ran for a season-high 252 yards, including RB Shonn Greene’s 161 yards on 32 carries. He hadn’t put up numbers similar to those since that first win against the Bills when he rushed for 94 yards on 27 carries.

Shonn Greene is the only active running back for the Jets who has any carries at all this season. 

RBs Bilal Powell and Joe McKnight are out with shoulder and ankle injuries, respectively and are questionable for Week 7’s game against New England.

Powell rushed for 14 yards on four carries against the Colts and has 131 total yards on the season. McKnight has run for 90 yards on 10 carries this year; 71 of those yards came in last week’s win.

Those are three of the five players on the Jets team who have any rushing yards. 

The other two? 

Mark Sanchez and (drumroll please)…Tim Tebow! Sanchez has four yards on four carries and Tebow has 64 yards on 18 carries. He had more yards than McKnight before Sunday’s game. 

Tim Tebow has run for twice the yardage he’s thrown for this season and it’s no secret that his style of play at quarterback is more run-oriented.

In his 2009 college season with the Florida Gators he had five games with more than 80 yards rushing. 

In Tebow’s last preseason game, when he got more throws than he has in all regular-season games combined, Tebow threw for 55 yards on 4-for-14. In that same game, he rushed for 45 yards on five carries. 

In the Jets three losses this year, they’ve averaged a total of just 60 yards rushing, including the shutout game against the 49ers when the Jets had a grand total of 45 yards rushing.

That’s compared to the Jets wins when they’ve run for an average of 185 yards.

What does this tell us?

Well, it tells us that the Jets just don’t win without their run-game.

And who better to facilitate that run game than Mr. Wildcat Offense himself, Tim Tebow?

Tebow is better when he’s running the ball than throwing it. He’s also probably better when he’s running the ball than when Mark Sanchez is throwing it.

The Florida Gators were known for their Wildcat offense, which is what Jets fans expected to see more of from their team with its new backup QB in the lineup.

But after that first win against Buffalo when Tebow rushed for 11 yards on five carries, we haven’t seen too much of that Wildcat offense from the Jets. 

The problem is that after that game, the Jets seemed to get a little overconfident in the abilities of their starter Sanchez, who has more turnovers than touchdowns and a completion percentage of less than 50.

Numbers like that certainly aren’t going to win the Jets a Superbowl. They may not even get the team to the playoffs. 

So for a team whose passing game just isn’t cutting it, switching out a passer for a runner makes a lot of sense.

And you know what that means…it’s Tebow time.