6 Trades the New York Yankees Should Consider for Robinson Cano

Jonathan Cullen@@jcullen71Senior Writer IOctober 19, 2012

6 Trades the New York Yankees Should Consider for Robinson Cano

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    The best thing to happen to the Yankees this postseason was getting swept in four games by the Tigers.

    The Yankees today won’t be able to fool themselves, talk about one missed play or one bad pitch that changed the series for them. Based on how poorly they hit this postseason, they were fortunate enough to advance this far.

    Yankees GM Brian Cashman won’t be deluded into thinking the Yankees are just one player away from winning it all. In fact, he might decide it's time to blow up the Yankees roster.

    The Yankees don't have a hitter as good as Miguel Cabrera. The Yankees don't have a pitcher as good as Justin Verlander. It is the simple truth. Both Tigers stars are under the age of 30.

    Where do the Yankees go from here? If they are smart, they’ll shop Robinson Cano this offseason. Cano will turn 30 next week and has been rumored to be seeking a contract near $200 million after his contract expires after 2013 (per Yahoo! Sports). Robinson Cano is the best second baseman in baseball, but not a player worthy of making $20 million per season.

    Expensive and aging. Been there and done that.

    Once Cano turns 30 next week, the Yankees will have exactly two starters under the age of 30, Brett Gardner and free agent catcher Russell Martin, both of whom turn 30 during the 2013 season.

Trade Robinson Cano

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    If Cano truly wants to be a Yankee for his entire career, you offer him a team-friendly contract that covers the next six or seven years and pays him an average of $15 million per season.

    If Cano’s agent rejects that offer, tell him to look at Alex Rodriguez or Mark Teixeira or Derek Jeter. Cano is a great player, but he is not a $200 million dollar player. When Jeter went down, Cano was unable to carry the team. This postseason has done nothing but drive down Cano’s asking price, but not his trade value.

Trade for Ian Kinsler

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    So what could the Yankees get for Cano? I’d start with Ian Kinsler from the Rangers. The 30-year-old Kinsler begins a five-year, $75 million contract extension in 2013.

    Offensively, there is no comparison; Cano is a much better player than Kinsler. But if the Rangers could be talked in to adding Derek Holland to the deal, the Yankees would get a young (26), cost-controlled lefty who could learn from Andy Pettitte.

Trade for Brandon Phillips

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    The Reds could also be frustrated by their postseason collapse and might be willing to swap second basemen with the Yankees. Brandon Phillips is an excellent defensive 2B who also contributes with surprising power.

    If the Reds were to add in one of their young pitchers (Mike Leake or Homer Bailey) and Todd Frazier to take over third, it might make sense to get younger. The Yankees could also ask for Jay Bruce as the main piece.

Trade for Ryan Zimmerman

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    Maybe the Nationals and Yankees could talk about Cano for Ryan Zimmerman, with the Nationals adding in one of their catchers and maybe a bullpen piece.

    The 28-year-old Zimmerman is already signed for seven years and $114 million through the 2019 season. The Yankees would have an All-Star third baseman and finding a good 2B would be easier through free agency.

Trade for Giancarlo Stanton

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    Giancarlo Stanton is a star in the making. If the Yankees and Marlins talk about an A-Rod swap, maybe they can expand it to include Robinson Cano and Giancarlo Stanton.

    The Yankees would be getting a 22-year-old budding slugger to build their lineup around and the Marlins could acquire two huge names that would help with drawing fans in the Latino community. If the Yankees could take back a bad contract like Heath Bell, and maybe a catcher in John Buck, both teams might look at this as a way to move forward.

Trade for Mark Trumbo

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    Maybe the Yankees talk to the Angels about a Howie Kendrick/Mark Trumbo/Vernon Wells deal.

    The real value for the Yankees would be getting the young slugger Trumbo (26) to go with the productive 2B Kendrick. The Angels would get another star to go with Mike Trout and Albert Pujols. They would also be able to dump the last two years of Vernon Wells' contract.

Trade for Madison Bumgarner

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    Twenty-three-year-old lefty Madison Bumgarner is signed to a team-friendly contract through 2017 and if he was packaged with Pablo Sandoval, it would give the Yankees two young starters under the age of 26. The added experience that both players have received from the postseason is a bonus.

    Cano would give the Giants a star to go with Buster Posey.

    If the Yankees trade Robinson Cano, it would allow New York to immediately get younger and cheaper, giving them more flexibility with their roster and payroll moving forward. Given the collapse this postseason and the signs of aging all over their roster, this winter figures to be very active for the Yankees.