5 Bad Contracts the New York Yankees Could Trade Alex Rodriguez for

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2012

5 Bad Contracts the New York Yankees Could Trade Alex Rodriguez for

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    After a disastrous postseason that saw Alex Rodriguez collect four times as many strikeouts as hits and get caught flirting with a woman during an ALCS Game, it seems as if Rodriguez may have worn out his welcome with the New York Yankees (h/t John Perrotto of USA Today).

    MLB trade rumors have started to surround Rodriguez, and there has been a lot of conflicting news. Wallace Matthews and Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York have noted that the Yankees and Miami Marlins have talked about A-Rod. That claim has been refuted by both Yankees GM Brian Cashman and Marlins team president Dave Sampson (h/t Joe Frisaro of MLB.com).

    Then, there have been reports from Bob Nightengale of USA Today that Rodriguez would be willing to waive his no-trade clause to go to a big-market team. However, Bryan Hoch of MLB.com has a quote from Rodriguez about how he is interested in staying in New York.

    If the Yankees do try to deal Rodriguez, his contract will be a roadblock. He has five years and $114 million left on his deal. One way that the Yankees could to deal Rodriguez would be taking on another bad contract in return. These deals would likely involve other players as well.

Jason Bay

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    The New York Yankees will not even need to leave the five boroughs to find another team with a bad contract that they would like to get rid of. If the Mets could deal Jason Bay while not paying the $16 million he is owed in 2013 and the money he is owed from his vesting option in 2012, they would jump at the opportunity.

    While Bay would not be a great fit for the Yankees, they could use him as a bench bat which would prevent his option from vesting.

    Rodriguez almost became a member of the Mets prior to the 2001 season, and now he can finally get a chance to play for the team (h/t Ian O'Connor of ESPN New York).

Alfonso Soriano

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    Alfonso Soriano began his major league career with the New York Yankees, and those seasons were some of the best of his career. He could have a reunion with the team if the Yankees deal Alex Rodriguez for him.

    Soriano had his first 30-home run, 100-RBI season since 2005 during this past year, so he does have some trade value. With two years and $36 million left on his contract, Soriano is certainly expensive, but he is a better deal for the Yankees than Rodriguez is.

Vernon Wells

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    While Vernon Wells has not been playing like a superstar at any point during the past few years, he is still being paid like one. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim owe him $42 million over the next two years.

    The Angels could be a very good fit for a possible Alex Rodriguez deal. They are a major-market team, and they have a need on the left side of their infield.

Heath Bell

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    The Miami Marlins brought Heath Bell in this past offseason with the hopes that he would be closing out games for them late in the postseason. Instead, the Marlins did not make the playoffs, and Bell struggled mightily.

    Now, the Marlins are saddled with Bell's remaining two years and $18 million left on his deal. Even if the Marlins and Yankees had talks about Rodriguez, a number of other players would need to be added to the deal to make it viable for both sides.

Joe Mauer

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    With Russell Martin becoming a free agent, the New York Yankees could look outside of their organization to find a player that can replace him. New York could find that player in Joe Mauer.

    The fact that Alex Rodriguez would likely turn down a deal to Minnesota would be a roadblock. If it is not, then the Twins can unload the six years and $138 million that Mauer has left on his contract.

    Since the Yankees would actually be adding to their payroll in future years in this scenario, they could get another player from the Twins in return as well.