Rock Hard NBA Locks: Wednesday, March 11

David AlenCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2009

Did somebody say NBA? Oh, I am now ROCK HARD!!!

If you've been following my rock hard locks, first I would like to say thank you, and second you would notice that I went 5-1 yesterday, and that brings my two day record to 9-3.

Tonight, however, will be a real test because we got a fully engorged NBA schedule—11 games—and of course I'm going to start right at home.

Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat

Dywane Wade spectacular! Let me talk about Daequan Cook. Mr. Cook was drafted by the Sixers last year in the first round 24th overall, then he was traded to the Heat.

He attended Ohio State and played alongside Greg Oden and Mike Conley on the same team that lost to the Gators in the National Championship game. Cook was highly recruited out of high school; in fact, Daequan was thinking of skipping college all together and heading to the pros. The NBA put the kybosh on that with the one-year rule.

When Cook was drafted not many in the Heat world knew much about this kid, so in his first press conference he compared himself to Reggie Miller. We all had a hearty laugh and then said, "Okay, Daequan. Whatever."

Well let me just say he may not be Reggie Miller, but he is a big reason Miami has bounced back after last year's dreadful season. Teams have to respect his shot, and whenever he comes off the bench, the floor opens up for D-Wade significantly.

On to tonight. The Celtics are playing .500 ball since KG went down and tonight they will once again be without the Big Ticket, as well as no Rajon Rondo and Glen Davis. Both are also out with injuries. The Celts are still a good team with Pierce and Allen so it should be a tough matchup tonight for Miami.

Last game Eddie House went off for 30 points. Now the Heat have to worry about Marbury. I think with all of Boston's injuries this might be a good night for Miami to take down the Celts. Miami gets the win 98-93.

Utah Jazz vs Atlanta Hawks

The Jazz are on a roll since they got Carlos Boozer back. I see the Jazz moving up in the western standings and making a lot of noise in the playoffs.

Tonight is a big game for the Hawks because they are trying to fight off both the Heat and the Pistons for that precious fourth seed in the East. The big game Hawks will show up tonight and they will down the Jazz 107-100.

Chicago Bulls vs Orlando Magic

The Bulls have had a couple days to rest after that double overtime thriller against the Heat on Monday night. The Bulls only played seven players that night. So that means four or more Bulls played 50+ minutes.

I don't think that is enough time for them and fatigue will be a factor tonight. I expect Orlando to roll 103-77.

Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia 76ers

The Sixers right now are firmly holding on to the seventh seed in the East. They still have an outside shot at getting up to the fifth seed, and a remote chance to get the fourth seed, but that is highly unlikely.

With that being said I like the Raptors tonight to steal one 96-88.New Orleans Hornets vs Washington Wizards

Prior to losing to the Hawks on Monday night, the Hornets were on a seven-game winning streak, but most of those games were against lesser teams. Tonight the Hornets take on another lesser team in the Wizards, who have been ravaged with injuries all season.

CP3 and the Hornets will walk out of DC with the dubya, 101-89

New York Knicks vs Detriot Pistons

The Knicks score a lot of points—A Lot of Points. It is pretty clear that Mike D'antoni's system is working in NY. So this is my UPSET of the Night!!!

Knicks will beat the Pistons in a shootout 115-113.

Memphis Grizzlies vs Minnesota Timberwolves

Ever since Al Jefferson went down the Timberwolves have fallen into a deeper funk, because they have already been pretty funky all year long.

The Gay-Mayo combination will get the Grizz the win tonight, 95-83

Los Angeles Lakers vs Houston Rockets - Game of the Night

I've been following Ron Artest since his rookie year. The guy is a sick defender and he is fearless out there on the court. I've spoken to Artest on numerous occasions and I once asked him to compare his game to Kobe, Lebron, and Wade.

Quote Artest: "You can't compare my game to those guys, I play a different type of game. I play a better type of game, those guys can't do what I do out there."

I followed up with "So you think your better than those guys?" His answer: "Yes."

You know what? I believe the guy regardless of what the numbers say. This guy steps up his game whenever he plays those guys and we all saw what he did to Lebron a few weeks back.

The Lakers are coming off an emotional loss to the Blazers. Well, emotional because Trevor Ariza nearly killed Rudy Fernandez. I think that was a message to the rest of the league that the Lakers are not the soft team they were last year. No Lamar Odom for the Lakers tonight; he was suspended one game for coming off the bench during the fracas.

No Lamar no win for the Lakers, Houston gets by in a tight one, 97-95

Oklahoma City Thunder vs Denver Nuggets

Don't know if Durant and Green will be back it does not matter. The Nuggets will roll 96-80.

Dallas Mavericks vs Portland Trailblazers

The Blazers will obviously be without Rudy Fernandez for the game, who suffered a soft tissue injury on his chest after that nasty fall. The Blazers will miss Rudy and it just means Roy will have to shoulder more of the load.

The schizo Mavs come off a nice win over the Suns. They now have a tighter grip on that eighth seed in the West with a five-game lead on the Suns. The Mavericks will need all the wins they can get because Phoenix plays them two more times and the Suns schedule gets easier the rest of the way.

With all that said the Blazers are playing better than the Mavs. I like Portland to win 103-95.

New Jersey Nets vs Golden State Warriors

How much do you think the Mavs miss Devin Harris? I would say as much as a fat guy misses food when he is hungry. Quite the bonehead move if you ask me.

Oh yea the game. Golden State will pull this one out 87-80.

Check back tomorrow for more Rock Hard Locks!


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