NBA's Top Five Best Passers of the Century

Ricky ChanContributor IMarch 11, 2009

5. LeBron James

Even though he is a scorer, his first thought is to pass. With all his triple-doubles, that's not hard to believe. LeBron James is an all-around player, and his share-the-ball mentality makes him one of the best.


4. Tony Parker

Tony Parker's ball handing and shooting skills are among the best in the game. When you combine the two with his passing skills, he is a threat to anybody. His 3,313 career assists prove that point.


3. Chris Paul

Chris Paul's brain is pass director. It beeps every time there's a pass opportunity. Whether it's throwing alley-oops or a simple pass and shoot, Paul can do it all; his 2,748 assists in only three years validates that statement.


2. Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd is no kid. No kidding. Even after 14 years of running up and down a wooden floor, he still has what it takes. One of the most respected guys in the game, his 10,000+ assists are the reason he is one of the best players ever.


1. Steve Nash

Steve Nash is incredible. He is the definition of a playmaker. He can see a passing lane in the dark with his eyes closed. With Nash, everyone is open.

But that's not the only thing he can do. He can also be a shooter. He is the best free throw shooter in the league. And his 90 percent career shooting from the line can back that up.

He has 7,338 career assists in 12 seasons and averages eight assists throughout every season in his career. No doubt he will be mentioned for the Hall of Fame.


Honorable Mentions

Allen Iverson

Mike Bibby

Dwayne Wade