Michael Bisping and the 10 Cockiest Fighters in the UFC Today

Hunter Homistek@HunterAHomistekCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2012

Michael Bisping and the 10 Cockiest Fighters in the UFC Today

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    In the sport of mixed martial arts, it seems fighters are destined to one of two personality types. 

    A fighter can either choose to be respectful, humble and the ultimate professional as he works his way to the top of his division, or he can choose to be an arrogant, disrespectful representation of all that is brash about the sport. 

    For some fighters, talent alone can not take them to the top, so they rely on this cockiness as a crutch to ensure their promotional standing. 

    In honor of these great trash-talking, button-pushing warriors, I propose the following slideshow.  

    Click on to see who kicks off our list. 

    Honorable Mentions:

    Phil Baroni: Baroni is not a current UFC fighter, but you have to mention him when talking about cocky fighters.

    Donald Cerrone: Like MacDonald, Cerrone is also working his way to the list. 

    Dan Hardy: Once a shoo-in, Hardy has cooled off his cocky persona a bit in recent fights. 

    Tito Ortiz: Only retirement can keep him off the list. 

No. 10: Rory MacDonald

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    The 23-year-old Canadian welterweight stud Rory MacDonald began his UFC career an unassuming, quiet prospect.  

    After realizing there is more to the game than just Octagon performance, however, MacDonald broke out of the mold his mentor, Georges St. Pierre, cast for him and took to Twitter to express himself and showcase his arrogance. 

    With his recently discovered hipster style and caustic tongue, MacDonald kicks off our list at No. 10. 

No. 9: John Dodson

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    Seriously, how annoying is John Dodson?  

    As explosive and sensational as he is inside the Octagon, Dodson is a squeaky and twitchy maniac outside the cage, and this lands him at No. 9 on our list. 

    I do not know whether to call him enigmatic, unique, outgoing or just flat-out insane, but his arrogance is most definitely his defining quality. 

    Call him whatever you want, Dodson is one cocky mofo. 

No. 8: Brendan Schaub

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    Like Dodson, Brendan Schaub's cockiness tends to be of the annoying variety (which is why I picked a flattering picture of him). 

    The man is full of himself and his skills, and he always thinks he can get the better end of a good ole fashioned brawl, despite being knocked silly in all three of his career losses. 

    I don't mind the confidence to stand and bang, though, so let us turn to his most cocky attribute of all: his reaction to winning. 

    There is only one video you need to check out on Google to see this firsthand, and that is Schaub's fight against Mirko Cro Cop. After knocking out the Croatian with a crisp punch, he slowly walked over his foe's unconscious body and delivered one more huge blow, just for good measure. 

    It made no sense, it was dirty and the smug look on his face after doing it forever tainted my image of Brendan Schaub.  

No. 7: Josh Koscheck

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    As long as Josh Koscheck is employed by the UFC, he will have a spot on this list. 

    The perennial welterweight contender has crafted a career out of being abrasive, and it literally is the cause of his mainstream recognition.  

    From his blonde hair to his mid-fight trash-talking to his anti-Canada remarks (in Canada), Koscheck is the epitome of a "heel," and he represents the role well. 

No. 6: BJ Penn

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    I'm personally a big fan of BJ Penn's warrior attitude, but there is no doubt he is one of the cockiest fighters in the sport.  

    It should come as no surprise he is consistently involved in huge matchups—he talks the talk, and talking sells in the UFC.

    In addition to his trash-talking ways, Penn is supremely arrogant in that he is never prepared to fight a fight's duration.  I don't know if his poor conditioning is a product of laziness or if it is simply a different way in which he expresses his arrogance, but I'm leaning on the latter. 

No. 5: Rashad Evans

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    After he donned The Ultimate Fighter 2's champion crown and became one of the top 205-pound fighters in the world, Rashad Evans was one cocky dude. 

    He was a gifted athlete, he was knocking out legends and he was primed to become a superstar. 

    Take exhibit A for instance:

    In his first title bout against Forrest Griffin, Evans, as the challenger, took several clean shots to the face, only to step back, kiss his hand and then grab his junk.  Awesome, right? 

    Compounding this, Evans ended up winning the fight via knockout, and his arrogance took another step toward legendary status. 

    Against Lyoto Machida at UFC 98, Evans looked to defend his shiny new belt for the first time. His opponent, a Karate expert, could not handle his speed and superior power, and he showed no respect despite being dropped on several occasions.

    The final blows, however, are legendary, and Evans literally talked smack all the way to the canvas

    The knockout was amazing, and given the fact he has recently cooled off his cocky persona, it would appear Lyoto Machida literally knocked some sense into "Suga" Rashad Evans. 

No. 4: Michael Bisping

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    He calls out flyweights

    He squirts water on aspiring martial artists

    He whines, complains, knees downed opponents and spits on defeated foes. 

    Yep, British middleweight Michael Bisping is pretty damn cocky.  

No. 3: The Diaz Brothers

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    Nick and Nate Diaz are always fun to watch inside the Octagon.  

    Despite being sensational fighters with well-rounded games, the two Stockton boys bring a cocky dynamic to the cage that is rivaled only by two men currently on the UFC's roster. 

    Flipping the bird, flexing after securing a submission, constantly taunting opponents and talking mid-punch are just a few of the brothers' signature moves, and it all adds up to equal one hilariously entertaining spectacle of pure cockiness. 

No. 2: Chael Sonnen

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    Chael Sonnen would be No. 1 on this list if he actually meant anything he said.  

    His professional wrestling-inspired tactics have literally secured his career as a mixed martial artist, and it seems Sonnen can talk his way into any fight he desires.  

    You do not say the things he has said and not instantly vault yourself to the top of a "cocky fighters" list, though, and for that Uncle Chael secures No. 2 honors. 

No. 1: Anderson Silva

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    Just because you bow at the beginning of your fights and respect traditional martial arts does not a respectful fighter make. 

    Anderson Silva is the cockiest fighter in the UFC for one reason: he demoralizes his opponents and acts like a fool inside the Octagon.  

    Hands down, babbling, bobbing and dancing, Silva demolishes his opponents however he wants.  While the cockiness is founded in past experiences, there is no denying "The Spider" is as cocky as anybody employed by the UFC today. 

    His bouts with Demian Maia, Thales Leites and Patrick Cote alone would secure his spot on the list, but when you act like he did against Stephan Bonnar, it is instant No. 1 status. 

    He is the best martial artist of all time and the cockiest, as well. 

    Isn't that something?