B.J. Penn and Rory MacDonald Get into It on Twitter

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B.J. Penn and Rory MacDonald Get into It on Twitter
Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

You know how sometimes mixed martial artists like to hurl insults and challenges at one another before a fight?

Well, it looks like B.J. Penn vs. Rory MacDonald, a bout scheduled for UFC on FOX 5, is going to be one of those times.

MacDonald kicked things off by expressing his physical superiority over Penn, Tweeting a picture of himself all buffed up, with the following caption:

200lbs and @bjpenndotcom thinks i care if hes in shape for the fight or not

Not one to let an opponent flap his gums without receiving an earful in return, Penn logged onto his account and Tweeted the following response:

@rory_macdonald Great!!! I frekin love knocking out 200 pounders

Things didn't end there. In fact, they were just kind of getting started. 

MacDonald responded to Penn's boast by taking a jab at the Prodigy's infamously underwhelming physique.

@bjpenndotcom do u meen knockin back quarter pounders? Who r u kidding, certainly not yourself ?

That's about the time things devolved into a grade school exchange. Penn fired back at the defamation by targeting MacDonald's bacne (back acne).

@rory_macdonald Quarter pounders?? Really pimple boy? I won't even RNC you... afraid of all the pimples on your back. #GROSS

As of now, MacDonald has scored the last word, reiterating that he views Penn as a less than threatening opponent.

@bjpenndotcom i didnt think it was possible but somehow u made yourself even less of a threat

Truly, UFC on FOX 5 will not be just another card featuring top mixed martial artists. No folks, we have entered the epic realm of legendary warrior poets.

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