Where Will Marvin Harrison Land This Offseason?

Chris OryCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2009

With Terrell Owens being signed this past weekend, that leaves Marvin Harrison left on the market as the best wideout. The main question is: What team is going to make a move to have him signed this offseason?

There are many teams looking for wide receivers this offseason, but are they looking for someone as old as Marvin Harrison?

Last year had to have been the worst season of his stellar career. Yes, he was coming off of an injury and many people think they the Colts should have kept him on the roster for one more year to see if last year was a fluke.

The 49er's could bring him in. There best receiver is Isaac Bruce and he's about to retire. Could someone see Marvin Harrison playing for a coach like Mike Singletary? It could happen.

What about the Patriots? We already know that Bill Belichick likes to bring in veterans to his team. With Harrison he would be getting a leader in the locker room and someone who would line up perfectly across from Randy Moss as a No. 2.

People may see him in Raven purple. Joe Flacco would have another clutch target to throw to and it would help him develop even more. Harrison would definitely be playing for a contender if signed with this team this offseason.

Could you see him playing as a Chief?  Especially with Matt Cassel joining the team this year, it could possibly be the best fit for him. He could tutor Dwayne Bowe. Would this be the place he lands?

Would he play with the other Manning as a Giant? What a storyline that would make for sportswriters. Would he be able to calm Plaxico down if he was coming back? This would be the most intriguing place for him to wind up.

These are some places he could wind up. There are more teams that he could end up with, and maybe even back with the Colts, which is what everyone would like to see.

So one of the greatest receivers of all time is on the free agent market right now and where is he going to land?