4 Realistic Moves the New York Jets Could Make at NFL Trade Deadline

Dylan Lewis@dee_ehl_ehlCorrespondent IOctober 15, 2012

4 Realistic Moves the New York Jets Could Make at NFL Trade Deadline

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    The 2012 season for the New York Jets has been, if nothing else, tumultuous. 

    Despite season-ending injuries to both CB Darrelle Revis and WR Santonio Holmes, Gang Green find themselves in first place in the AFC East (via tie-breaker) following their Week 6 win over Indianapolis

    While the sentiment following their 35-9 win is optimistic, there are some significant holes in the roster that need to be addressed if the team has plans of playing in January. 

    Here are a few moves that the team can make before the Week 8 trade deadline to strengthen the squad.

Plaxico Burress, WR

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    Sometimes the best move doesn't cost you anything but money. With the unending injuries the Jets have experienced at wide receiver, it amazes me this hasn't happened yet. 

    Plaxico Burress is still sitting out the 2012 season, having been unable to find a suitor this past offseason.

    Plax's 2011 stat line with the Jets:

    Receiving yards: 612, receptions: 45, touchdowns: 8.

    In his first year back after missing the 2009 and 2010 seasons, Burress posted his third-highest single-season touchdown total. 

    He was a red-zone favorite for quarterback Mark Sanchez, who could use a reliable set of veteran hands catching passes. 

    Even if the Jets bring in Plax and his impact on the field is negligible, the 35 year-old receiver could serve as an excellent mentor to the talented-but-incredibly-raw rookie Stephen Hill. 

Osi Umenyiora, DE

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    Osi Umenyiora has been a headache for the New York Giants for several seasons.

    In their depth chart, he falls behind both Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck, making him a talented luxury for the Giants to give limited playing time. 

    The Jets need to improve their pass rush. Last year, their leading sackers were linebackers Aaron Maybin (6.0) and David Harris (5.0). Through six weeks of play this season, the Jets defense only has nine sacks. 

    Umenyiora tallied nine sacks last season. His addition to the Jets defense would give them the blitzing pass-rusher they desperately need, and in so doing, take the pressure off the Revis-less secondary. 

Chris Ivory, RB

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    I was upset when the Jets cut sixth-round pick RB Terrance Ganaway after the preseason. The possibility of injuries to a backfield over the course of an NFL season practically forces a team to have three serviceable backs on its active roster.

    The Jets have Shonn Greene, Bilal Powell and, lastly, Joe McKnight, who contributes more on special teams than he ever will as a lead back. 

    Heading into a pivotal matchup Sunday against the Patriots, the Jets may be without backup running back Powell and third-stringer McKnight.

    Against the Colts, Powell suffered a separated shoulder and McKnight fell victim to a high-ankle injury. This could result in fourth-string back Jonathan Grimes getting reps on Sunday.

    Chris Ivory has been inactive for most of the 2012 season, stuck behind Pierre Thomas, Darren Sproles and Mark Ingram on the Saints depth chart.

    He is just two years removed from being the team's leading rusher and averaged 4.7 yards per carry on 79 attempts last season for New Orleans.

    The acquisition of Ivory would not only be a short-term fix. He could battle Powell for the second-string spot upon his return.  

Shop Tim Tebow

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    Tim Tebow's effectiveness in his limited time under center has been...variable. 

    It appears that his biggest contributions to the Jets thus far have been his drive-extending fourth-down fake punt runs and the occasional option-keeper. 

    Neither of those two plays are necessarily specific to Tebow. 

    I can't begin to understand the intentions the Jets upper management had when acquiring him, but to this point there hasn't been much in the "Tebow package" that another mobile quarterback or running back couldn't handle.  

    Blaine Gabbert hasn't exactly set the world on fire down in Jacksonville, so the Jets may be able to find a dancing partner there.

    At a point in the season where fans aren't clamoring for No. 15 to be taking snaps, there's nothing wrong with testing the waters and seeing if anyone is interested. The Jets could bolster their secondary, a position that definitely needs more help than backup quarterback.