Usain Bolt Sizzles in SNL Cameo During Hilarious Vice Presidential Debate

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 15, 2012

Don't blink, or you just might miss Usain Bolt

That sentiment is good practice for watching the star Jamaican sprinter during one of his meets as well as when he shows up for a quick cameo on NBC's Saturday Night Live, as he did over the weekend. 

The spotlight stayed on Usain Bolt nearly as long as one of his races, but it was still a gold-medal performance in comedy. 

Here is the video the sprinter blesses with his presence, if only for a few short moments. Skip to the 7:40 mark in the video if you only want to see Bolt, otherwise sit back and waste a good 10 minutes laughing. 

The cold open for Saturday's show was as topical as ever, covering the Vice Presidential debates. Joe Biden was played by Jason Sudeikis and the part of Paul Ryan was given to Taran Killam. 

Of course, one of the highlights of the bit was Ryan's tenuous athletic claims. While his mountaineering accomplishmentsmarathon claims and body fat assertions have been called into question, he never once mentioned how fast he was as a sprinter. 

The long-running skit show fixed all that. 

Killam's Ryan claims he won the 100-meters at the London Olympics. That's when the best fact checker for such a claim comes out to dispute it all. 

Your memory doesn't deceive you. It wasn't Ryan who ran the 100-meters in 9.63 seconds. It wasn't the buffed-out politician who set a new Olympic record. 

It was Bolt, a man who does his running and comedy quicker than anyone else in the business. 

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