Bolt Does the Heads Up Challenge

By BR Productions (Photo: Frank Augstein/Associated Press)

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    Bolt: I Told Mario to Join Liverpool

    by John Greely

    Mario Balotelli 's move to Liverpool came as a surprise to many, but was the transfer influenced by the world's fastest man? That's what Usain Bolt claims. The Jamaican sprinter told E... Read More »

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    Bolt Competes in Cricket Exhibition

    by Sean Swaby

    Usain Bolt may or may not ever get the trial he craves with Manchester United, so the Jamaican tried his hand at a different sport that didn't involve outrunning anyone and everyone: cricket... Read More »

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    Bolt Sets World Indoor 100M Record

    by R. Cory Smith

    Jamaican superstar Usain Bolt set a world indoor 100-meter record over the weekend in Warsaw, Poland. With a time of 9.98 seconds, Bolt continued his historic career on the track after an injury-p... Read More »

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    Today's a Big Day for Usain Bolt

    by Mark Patterson

    Usain Bolt has redefined sprinting, with some incredible performances and some world records it's hard to imagine beating... Read More »

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    What Can't Usain Bolt Do?

    by Sean Swaby

    The fastest man on the planet boasts some pretty impressive technique, too. Usain Bolt was in Rio de Janeiro for a special race near the Copacabana beach, so he took some time out afterward... Read More »