Bolt Wins 200 Meters at Golden Spike

By Gianni Verschueren (Photo: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

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    Obama Meets Bolt, Strikes Pose

    by Arman Walia

    President Obama, meet the world's fastest man. POTUS was in Jamaica recently and linked up with six-time Olympic gold-medalist Usain Bolt . Obama seemed very excited to meet the speedster... Read More »

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    Bolt Sets Grand Finale to Ensure Legacy

    by Red Shannon

    Before even once settling into the starting blocks in 2015, sprinting icon Usain Bolt made headlines in every major sports news outlet this past week. The flurry of attention was centered around... Read More »

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    Bolt May Retire After 2017 Worlds

    by Tim Daniels

    Usain Bolt, 28, is planning to step away from the track after the 2017 World Championships in London. He states the decision is not final, however, because he's focused on protecting his legacy a... Read More »

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    Bolt: I Will Never Wear Arsenal Kit

    by Sean Fay

    Usain Bolt is sponsored by Puma, who also manufacture Arsenal 's kit, so you think the company would be keen on a bit of cross promotion... Read More »

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    Bolt Judges Babies Striking His Pose

    by Sean Fay

    The Usain Bolt "lightning bolt" pose has become one of sport's most iconic images, so much so that parents and relatives of young toddlers have been tweeting him images of their kids inadvertently... Read More »