Philadelphia Eagles Loss to Lions Should Spell the End of the Andy Reid Era

Rob ShaefferContributor IIOctober 14, 2012

Today's loss could spell the end for Andy Reid
Today's loss could spell the end for Andy ReidJoe Robbins/Getty Images

Now 3-3 heading into their bye week, the Eagles are a talented team muddling down the road to mediocrity.

Their 54-year-old head coach owns a 129-84-1 record in the regular season. He's had plenty of success and he's had plenty of failure during his 14-year reign.

After a gut-wrenching 26-23 home loss at the hands of the almost-but-not-quite-as-inept Detroit Lions, it's time for Andy Reid to go. 

Yes, the offensive lines is in shambles. Yes, his quarterback flashes moments of brilliance with bouts of stupidity. Yes, he has an offensive line coach running his defense. 

But these and other deficiencies ultimately must be laid at the feet of the head coach.

He's ultimately response for the team's personnel, for the team's depth, for the offensive and defensive schemes, for the team's coordinators and their position coaches. 

The Eagles are talented this year. They're talented every year. 

Bill Belichick, Mike Tomlin, Sean Payton and the rest of the cream of the coaching crop turn their talent into victories and deep playoff runs. And Super Bowls.

Andy Reid is 10-9 in the playoffs and has packed his bags for just one trip to the Super Bowl.

This year, it's pointless to even look forward to the playoffs. The team is clearly flawed beyond repair. 

We can blame injuries, we can blame a bit of bad luck, we can blame Marty Mornhinweg or Juan Castillo and certainly, we can blame the players.

But I'm looking to the top, and I'm blaming Andy Reid.

It may not happen immediately, but Jeffrey Lurie must hold the big man accountable by season's end and find a head coach to move this team forward rather than backward.