TNA Bound for Glory 2012: Predicting TNA's Biggest Show of the Year

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IOctober 14, 2012

TNA Bound for Glory 2012: Predicting TNA's Biggest Show of the Year

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    TNA Wrestling presents Bound for Glory, live on pay-per-view tonight!

    The Bound for Glory event debuted in 2005 when the first show took place on Oct. 23 with a main event that saw Rhino defeat Jeff Jarrett to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Since that time, Bound for Glory has established itself as TNA Wrestling’s biggest show of the year.

    The company looks to continue their strong year with quite the good-looking card. With five title matches and eight overall, TNA looks to deliver their best show of 2012.

    Here is the card to the eighth annual Bound for Glory and who I think will come out on top!

Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow

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    Ryan’s PPV Record: First Bound for Glory

    Snow’s PPV Record: First Bound for Glory

    In April, TNA Wrestling debuted Open Fight Night. Featured during the monthly event is Gut Check, which is a match featuring an independent wrestler trying to impress the judges to get a contract with the company.

    The second contestant was Joey Ryan, but he wasn’t given a contract. Ryan then went on a crusade against the judges, especially Al Snow. While Snow did vote “yes” for him with Taz saying “no,” Snow still wrestles on occasion, unlike Taz.

    With signs and a megaphone in hand, Ryan made sure to let everyone know that the fans wanted him in TNA. This match gives him one more chance to get it done.

    This will be both wrestlers' first appearance at the Bound for Glory event, so neither has experience at the big show. The feud itself has been developed slowly, as most of the time it was just once a month during Gut Check, but he began to appear more and more.

    I think this match will surprise a lot of people and be quite good. Ryan is good inside the squared circle and Snow has stayed in shape over the years and most likely can still go.

    With the man wanting to legalize sleaze receiving a contract upon winning, I think the result of this match is obvious.

    Winner: Joey Ryan

Sting and Bully Ray vs. the Aces and 8s

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    Sting’s PPV Record: 5-1

    Bully’s PPV Record: 2-3

    Aces and 8s PPV Record: Not available due to unknown identities

    Four days after Slammiversary, a group of four masked men attacked Sting. A month later, the numbers increased and they attacked more and more.

    It didn’t matter if it was a legend like Hulk Hogan, current stars like Kurt Angle and world champion Austin Aries, or a Gut Check contestant, the Aces and 8s were terrorizing TNA with no explanation.

    Lawyer Joseph Park would soon find something out about the group, but they abducted him to keep him quiet. After striking a deal with them that would see Park freed and the group unmasked, Hogan chose Sting and reluctantly Bully Ray to go up against the Aces and 8s’ two best guys, whoever they may be.

    While some feel the storyline has dragged out, I feel that it has been one of the most intriguing storylines TNA has done in a while. In terms of the leader of the Aces and 8s, I’ve been saying since day one that it was Jeff Jarrett and I’m sticking to that. With him being looked over for the TNA Hall of Fame’s first inductee in favor of Sting, it makes perfect sense that he’s orchestrating this out of revenge.

    I think that Bully Ray is a member, though, or at least the Aces and 8s inside man. I can see him turning on Sting and giving the masked men the victory, thus giving them free reign inside the Impact Zone.

    The Icon won’t be alone in the end as I have a feeling that Abyss will make his return to help Sting.

    Winners: Aces and 8s

Bobby Roode vs. James Storm: Street Fight with King Mo as Enforcer

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    Roode’s PPV Record: 3-4

    Storm’s PPV Record: 2-4

    This feud will no doubt be a candidate for Feud of the Year.

    Beginning a year ago when Bobby Roode turned on James Storm to take the TNA World Heavyweight Championship away from him, the feud became incredibly personal. While both fought other wrestlers, their paths still intersected until they collided once more at Lockdown in April.

    Roode once again defeated Storm and the loss resulted in the Tennessee Cowboy taking a break.

    He returned at Slammiversary and entered into the Bound for Glory Series and while they did put their feud aside to deal with their respective matters, they did cross paths here and there.

    Things heated back up at No Surrender when Roode smashed a beer bottle over Storm’s head, thus costing him his semi-final match in the Bound for Glory Series.

    This will without a doubt be one of the best matches of the night, and with the street fight stipulation, it’ll be quite intense as well. They very well could steal the show!

    In terms of the winner, I think it’ll go to James Storm. TNA robbed fans of closure when Storm lost at Lockdown, so I think we’ll be getting it here.

    As for King Mo, well, I just don’t care about his involvement. Not even a little bit.

    Winner: James Storm

Zema Ion vs. Rob Van Dam: X-Division Championship

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    Zema’s PPV Record: First Bound for Glory

    RVD’s PPV Record: 2-0

    Title Defended at PPV: 7 time (6 times successfully)

    This match was booked three days ago on Impact Wrestling. I really wish that they would have teased this after No Surrender so that it would have some hype.

    Building a feud about one guy who says he’s “Not only f’n pretty, but pretty f’n dangerous” and another who calls himself the “Whole F’N Show” has the potential to create some very entertaining segments. Their little exchange this past Thursday was entertaining, especially when Van Dam kicked the X-Division Championship into Zema’s face.

    The champion’s ego clashing with RVD’s laid-back frame of mind could be great stuff. I hope this feud continues past Bound for Glory.

    Looking at the history of the event, the X-Division Championship has been defended at all previous seven events and six of those champions successfully defended their title. History is certainly on Zema’s side in terms of that.

    When it comes to the winner, though, I have a feeling that RVD may be winning the title here, but taking the belt off of Zema after zero hype could make him look weak.

    Last year, in his feud with Jerry Lynn, RVD said that he was “X-Division before there was an X-Division,” so seeing Zema defeat him would be a huge rub for the champion.

    At the end of the day, I’m going a Zema Ion victory here in what should be an exciting match.

    Winner and Still Champion: Zema Ion

Miss Tessmacher vs. Tara: Knockouts Championship

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    Tessmacher’s PPV Record: First Bound for Glory

    Tara’s PPV Record: 1-1

    Title Defended at PPV: 4 times (twice successfully)

    On the Open Fight Night before No Surrender, Tara defeated Miss Tessmacher in a non-title match. That victory over her student gave the teacher a title shot at the September PPV.

    The champion evened the score by retaining the title, but the tides soon changed. Tara would turn on her friend and former partner, and Tara later earned one more shot at the Knockout’s Championship.

    I think this match could go either way. Tessmacher is on a role as champion while Tara is at her best when she’s a heel, and giving her the title could help her advance the character greatly.

    Looking at Bound for Glory history, the title has been defended four times with the defense being successful twice. Tara herself has competed in two of those matches, even winning the title at the 2010 event.

    History gives Tessmacher a 50-50 chance at retaining, but I think she’ll be on the negative side of that statistic.

    I’m not sure if it’s time to take the title off of her yet, but I just have a feeling that she’ll be losing here. I think this match will go to Tara.

    Winner and New Champion: Tara

Samoa Joe vs. Magnus: Television Championship

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    Joe’s PPV Record: 3-4

    Magnus’ PPV Record: 1-0

    Title Defended at PPV: 1 time successfully

    Last year, Samoa Joe and Magnus were put together as a tag team and placed in a tournament to crown the No. 1 contenders for the TNA Tag Team Championship. They would win that tournament and eventually win the titles in February.

    They would lose the titles in May and the team just disbanded. While they crossed paths in the Bound for Glory Series, they mostly steered clear of one another.

    After Hardcore Justice, Samoa Joe would defeat Magnus in a Bound for Glory Series match that knocked Magnus out of the series. In response, he attacked Joe with a chair.

    Now that the Samoan Submission Machine is the Television Champion, they finally will be going one-on-one.

    These two proved to be quite the team when they were together and it’s that chemistry that will lead to a great match.

    In terms of Bound for Glory history, the Television Championship has only been defended once and it was a successful defense at that. So history is on Joe’s side with that.

    As much as I would like to see Magnus with a singles title, it’s way too early to take the title off of Samoa Joe, especially since he just won it.

    I think that Samoa Joe will retain here, but that the feud itself is far from over. Magnus will win the title, but it won’t be at Bound for Glory.

    Winner and Still Champion: Samoa Joe

Daniels and Kaz vs. Styles and Angle vs. Guerrero and Hernandez: Tag Team Titles

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    Daniels’ PPV Record: 0-5

    Kaz’s PPV Record: 0-3

    Styles’ PPV Record: 4-4

    Angle’s PPV Record: 2-3

    Chavo’s PPV Record: First Bound for Glory

    Hernandez’s PPV Record: 3-2

    Titles Defended at PPV: 7 times (4 times successfully)

    The AJ Styles/Christopher Daniels feud has been a long one. While it did get ridiculous at points, they were still producing great match after great match.

    The best was without a doubt the Tag Team Championship match featuring Daniels, Kazarian, Styles and Kurt Angle at Slammiversary. Not only was it the Match of the Night, it’s a sure candidate for Match of the Year.

    They produced another match again at No Surrender and will no doubt do it again here.

    The addition of Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez adds a little more excitement to the match and I have a feeling that these six will be delivering the Match of the Night at Bound for Glory.

    Looking at the history of the event, the titles, both TNA and NWA, have been defended at all previous seven events with four of the champions defending successfully. Hernandez has competed in three of those matches, retaining in 2007 with Homicide and last year with Anarquia, while failing to win the belts with Homicide in 2008.

    History is slightly in favor of Daniels and Kazarian, but the odds are very much against them.

    As for the winners, I can see new champions crowned here and those new champions will be Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. I think they will win the match, which will take the titles out of the picture in the Styles/Daniels feud.

    Then next month at Turning Point, the long standing feud between AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels will finally come to an end.

    Winners and New Champions: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy: World Heavyweight Championship

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    Aries’ PPV Record: 2-1

    Hardy’s PPV Record: 1-2

    Title Defended at PPV: 6 times (twice successfully)

    Austin Aries shocked fans when he gave up the TNA X-Division Championship for a shot at Bobby Roode and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

    At Destination X, Aries ended Roode’s 256-day reign as champion. After retaining the title at Hardcore Justice and fighting a member of the Aces and 8s at No Surrender, Aries discovered his Bound for Glory opponent when Jeff Hardy won the Bound for Glory Series.

    Since then, the two have teamed up but there was plenty of friction. Aries’ jealousy over Hardy’s popularity reared its ugly head and it seems to be affecting the mental state of the champion.

    Looking at the history of Bound for Glory, the title has been defended at six of the seven events, whether it was the TNA World Championship or the NWA World Championship when TNA had control over it.

    Only two champions have retained the title at this event, those being AJ Styles in 2009 and Kurt Angle last year. At the 2010 event, Hardy would win the title, which was vacant at the time, and I think he’ll be winning it again here.

    His popularity will lead to the title victory and a massive feud with Aries will ensue that will last the rest of the year.

    Winner and New Champion: Jeff Hardy