Should Georgia Bulldogs Be Worried 4-Star WR Tramel Terry Will Decommit Again?

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIOctober 12, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Four-star wide receiver Tramel Terry has a history of being somewhat undecided when it comes to the University of Georgia, and it looks like history may repeat itself yet again.

Terry is currently a Georgia commit, but he already has decommited once, recommitted back in March and now his high school coach, Chuck Reedy, feels Clemson may have a shot at flipping him, according to Radi Nabulsi of

Thirteen months after his initial decommitment, could the Under Armour All-American be ready to flip to Clemson?

"It wouldn’t surprise me," said Chuck Reedy, Terry’s head coach at Goose Creek. "Either way, because he’s always been Georgia from the time he was a freshman because he has family over there, he’s always spent time over there and with A.J. Green having so much success there while being from this area -- there’s a lot of things that go into that.

"But Clemson probably has done a better job recruiting him I think. They have developed a good relationship with him. And like I told the Georgia coach yesterday, they've kind of -- I'm talking about Georgia -- they've had two or three guys recruiting him I don't know that they've established that same kind of relationship with him that Clemson has."

The Georgia Bulldogs should be worried that they will lose their 4-star wideout commit again.

Terry took an official visit to Clemson this past weekend, and nothing about the way his coach talked about his commitment seemed very positive for Georgia. In fact, it almost feels like he's talking about Clemson as a favorite.

Later in Nabulsi's article, Terry's coach goes on to talk about how Clemson is pitching him to be a running back. At 6'0" and 192 pounds, that makes a lot of sense—especially considering that has him down for running a 4.40 40.

Apparently this is a pitch that's working with Terry.

Georgia, on the other hand, already has super freshmen Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall in its backfield, so playing running back wouldn't be the best option for Terry at UGA.

Georgia would use Terry as more of a pure athlete, utilizing his skills however it can.

At this point, it has to be worrisome for the Bulldogs. Terry already has decommited once from the program, and if anything, he's extremely undecided. There's still plenty of time before national signing day as well, which means there's plenty of time for Clemson to continue recruiting him.

Clemson definitely has the advantage if Terry feels like he can be a running back at the college level. He has the speed to be a playmaker at any position, but running back is just one place where Georgia doesn't need the help right now.

That could end up being the Bulldogs' downfall if the 4-star recruit wants to be a back at the next level.

In the end, it appears as if somehow, someway, Clemson has found itself in the perfect position to flip Georgia's 4-star wideout commit.

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