Tampa Bay Buccaneers Need to Surprise Us and the Kansas City Chiefs

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IOctober 11, 2012

It's time for Josh Freeman to air it out!
It's time for Josh Freeman to air it out!Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Enough is enough.

Enough of this "the Bucs are a running team" nonsense.

Enough already.

The Bucs presenting themselves as a running team is akin to Syria trying to pass itself off as a bastion of freedom and human rights.

The Bucs have run their way to 1-3. 

We all know the famous definition of insanity and it's time for Greg Schiano to gain some sanity. It's time for the Buccaneers to join the Strategic Air Command's 7th Bomber Wing and go with "Death From Above."

Time to air it out. Time for a sneak attack, time to surprise the Chiefs, heck surprise everyone, give what few fans show up at Raymond James Sunday something to get excited about.

Let's face it, the only team the Bucs are killing with their running game is themselves. Death by Hari-we-can't-run-the-football-Kari.

The Bucs have run themselves to 1-3. The right side of the offensive line is such a joke that Schiano is inserting our favorite goof-ball into an experiment to try him at right guard. That would be his off-sidesness, Jeremy Trueblood. Just goes to show you how bad Ted Larsen looked on film over that bye week.

Yeah, throw Trueblood at guard, he can false start and hold there just as well as he could at right tackle. Yeah, that's the ticket, that should jump-start the rushing attack.

Or not.

Talk about something that smacks of desperation? Yes, desperate coaches do desperate things, thank you Coach Schiano.

So while we're in the desperation mode, let's just start the game with the two-minute drill then pick it up again in the second quarter, come out in the third with the hurry-up, that way as the game winds down, it will just look like the regular offense.

Okay, so we exaggerate. But the sad fact is that this football team needs to go more aerial and maybe if Schiano goes back and studies the NFL rule book, he'll find that you are allowed to throw to the tight end more than three times in a game.

Oh wait, we didn't do that at Rutgers.


Come on man, let's keep Dallas Clark from falling asleep between plays. 

Your two best offensive weapons are Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams. Use them, dammit!

Let's get imaginative.

Since Schiano won't, we will as a public service and guess what, we're gonna thrill all of you LeGarrette Blount fans.

Willams and V-Jax wide, Blount and Doug Martin split in front of Freeman, who is in the shotgun.

Blount comes in motion right.

Zuttah snaps, Freeman fakes to Martin, who of course, crashes into left tackle, then Freeman pulls up and throws the flair to Blount in the flat, Jackson has cleared the zone and Blount goes for 17.

We could do this all day, come up with some fun formations, some fun plays that just actually might work.

We've got to quit pretending that Freeman is old lead-foot Eli, content to stand in the pocket and read the field in two seconds. Sorry, Josh reads the field from the ground, after he's sacked.

Time to shake this thing up.

Time to get this aerial party started.

Why the heck not?

What does a 1-3 football team that cannot run the football have to lose in this deal?

Or, they can keep trying to run Martin left then Martin off right tackle.

And they can run all the way to a top five draft pick next April.


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