Terrell Owens: New York Jets Would Be Crazy to Sign Delusional WR

Alex KayCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2012

TORONTO - DECEMBER 3: Braylon Edwards #17 of the New York Jets and Terrell Owens #81 of the Buffalo Bills look on during a stop in play at Rogers Centre on December 3, 2009 in Toronto, Canada.  (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

With Santonio Holmes now on injured reserve, the New York Jets are desperate for an experienced and productive wide receiver. While there is a strong possibility that they end up bringing one in, they would be absolutely insane to consider Terrell Owens.

The washed-up 38-year-old has taken to Twitter to announce to the Jets that he’s still unemployed and actively looking for a job. While bringing in a veteran would make sense for the Jets, especially now that Holmes is on the IR and younger guys like Stephen Hill are battling through nagging injuries, T.O isn’t the answer.

In a completely unsurprising manner, Owens is already causing drama—speaking to TSN (via Pro Football Talk) about a number of things, but most notably about how he thinks Antonio Cromartie should stop playing wideout and that Gang Green should sign him.

“I’ve read a lot of tweets and everybody’s saying that I’m desperate, I’m begging for a job,” Owens said. “But it’s not begging for a job when you know you can still play at a high level, given the opportunity. When you have a defensive back playing offense and running routes, then I think that’s more desperate than my actual tweet itself.”

While Cromartie is now the self-proclaimed “best” WR on the team and the “best” corner in the league, it’s probably not the best idea for coach Rex Ryan to keep using him as a No. 1 corner and giving him offensive snaps at WR. In that regard, Owens does have a point, but he’s making it in the wrong way.

There are plenty of unemployed veterans looking for another chance in this league—Plaxico Burress, Legedu Naanee and Donte Stallworth just to name a few—but none of them are making appearances on various cable sports networks to call prospective employers desperate or criticize their coaching decisions.

TSN asked the former San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys star if his history of distractions is a large reason as to why he’s having trouble finding a roster spot in the NFL, and why he thinks the Jets wouldn’t give him a look.

"'That’s definitely a part of it,' Owens said. 'I’ve matured. There’s things I’ve done in my career that I can honestly say were said and done out of immaturity.'"

Unfortunately, at the age of 38 and last having played in the NFL in 2010, there is no acceptable way to blame his actions on “immaturity.” Owens is a grown man that simply doesn’t belong in the league. Let’s hope the Jets don’t get too desperate and bring him back.