NFL Trade Rumors: 3 Most Likely Deadline Deals

Jesse Reed@@JesseReed78Correspondent IOctober 10, 2012

NFL Trade Rumors: 3 Most Likely Deadline Deals

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    The Arizona Cardinals are the hot team in NFL trade rumor circles after losing two starting running backs to injury, and Chris Johnson is one of the names being thrown around as a possible solution to their woes. 

    The NFL trade deadline is October 30 this year, or the Tuesday following Week 8. So, let's take a look at the three most likely trade scenarios that could go down before that date.  

Greg Jennings to the St. Louis Rams

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    Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel floated the idea that the Green Bay Packers would be smart to trade Greg Jennings a few weeks ago:

    If the Packers are as convinced as I am that this is Greg Jennings' final season in Green Bay, Ted Thompson should do all he can to attract fair market value and move him before the Oct. 30 trading deadline.

    Jennings is in the last year of his contract. Although he's been plagued by a rash of injuries lately, he's still one of the league's premier wide receivers when healthy. Right now, Jennings is out with a lingering groin injury, and the Packers clearly have missed his presence in the starting lineup. 

    That said, the Packers have weapons in James Jones, Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson. And being that Jennings isn't likely to be back in 2013, it would be in the team's best interest to get something for him now. 

    Jennings won't be out for much longer, and the St. Louis Rams don't have anyone to throw out on the field for Sam Bradford that would even make another NFL team at this point. The Rams are 3-2 right now and in the hunt for the NFC West crown with the San Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks, all of which are going strong.

    Bradford needs weapons now to stay competitive with these teams, and the have an abundance of draft picks with which to work with from their trade with the Washington Redskins last spring. 

    This is purely speculative on my part, but the Rams need to make a deal for Jennings before the trade deadline. 

Chris Ivory to the Arizona Cardinals

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    While it's pure speculation to link Greg Jennings to the St. Louis Rams, a trade that would send New Orleans Saints running back Chris Ivory to the Arizona Cardinals is a legitimate option that makes sense for all parties involved. 

    Darren Urban of wrote this Tuesday:

    The one trade name that does make some sense to me is Chris Ivory in New Orleans. He’s shown before he can perform and he is buried deep, deep on the Saints’ bench behind Ingram, Pierre Thomas and Darren Sproles.

    When Urban says "buried," he's not lying—Ivory has yet to take the field for the Saints in 2012. Not a single snap. 

    Ivory has been highly productive for the Saints the past two seasons, averaging 5.0 yards per carry and amassing over 1,000 yards and a touchdown in that time. 

    Given the fact that William Powell and LaRod Stevens-Howling have only 305 career yards between them, Ivory would be a cheap, massive upgrade over the two of them. 

Chris Johnson to the Arizona Cardinals

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    Chris Johnson clearly is not a happy camper with the Tennessee Titans. 

    Titan Insider's Terry McCormick recently reported the following quote from Johnson:

    I don't believe we're close right now. You look at the games and how we're playing, we don't look like a good team. I wouldn't sit here and say we're close. We need somebody in this locker room to make plays and give us a spark.

    Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio then wrote this, specifically addressing the Cardinals:

    Trade for Chris Johnson. The Titans won’t be keeping Johnson beyond 2012, not with a $10 million salary due next year, $9 million of which becomes fully guaranteed the week after the next Super Bowl.  And it’s not as if the Titans will be turning things around; as Johnson recently said himself, they’re simply not a good team.

    Although it seems more logical that the Cardinals would make a lower-profile trade for Chris Ivory, it's impossible to discount Florio's idea altogether. 

    Johnson could well be just the kind of player to boost the Cardinals into the playoffs this year. This team already has a dominant defense, and we've seen the San Francisco 49ers get to the playoffs last year based on a defense/running mentality that worked well for them. 

    This deal may not happen, but it's worth pondering. 


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