WWE: Why R-Truth Will Flounder as a Singles Wrestler

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistOctober 10, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

R-Truth has been a midcard staple during his entire tenure with the WWE whether it be as a singles competitor or a tag team specialist, and it looks like he'll be rejoining the singles ranks soon. If he continues his current character, however, he is doomed to fail.

Truth and Kofi Kingston had a good run with the Tag Team Championships, but after losing to The Prime Time Players in the first round of the tag team tournament, their partnership is likely over. That became quite apparent on Monday when Kingston went after Intercontinental champion The Miz, while R-Truth danced around with Brodus Clay.

Admittedly, I have never been a fan of Truth, but his current gimmick is worse than anything I've seen out of him in the past. His rapping gimmick was annoying to say the least, but he actually became bearable when he turned heel and teamed up with The Miz. A suspension caused the writers to prematurely end his heel run, and he has degenerated into the character we see today.

The Lil' Jimmy gimmick was created while Truth was a psychotic heel, but the difference is that it was actually funny then. Truth's gimmick has gotten extremely childish with him acknowledging the existence of Lil' Jimmy during his matches. Truth actually has talent, but nobody is going to care about him if he stays on his current path.

Perhaps there are some kids who find him to be entertaining, but he's way down the pecking order when it comes to comedic characters. Kane, Daniel Bryan, Brodus Clay, Santino Marella and Zack Ryder are all better than Truth in that regard, and unless he is put on a different path by the creative team soon, he'll be nothing more than a running punchline.

His gimmick has been ridiculous for quite some time, but it wasn't as apparent when he was part of a tag team. Kofi's gimmick is respectable at the very least, so it was easy to overlook Truth's antics. R-Truth isn't going to have any such buffer now that he is on his own, and it seems clear to me that he'll fade into oblivion.

The midcard face depth is fairly thin right now, so he may receive some opportunities to do something of note, but he just can't be put in a serious feud with Lil' Jimmy being the meat of his gimmick. I thought that his rapping character was absolutely awful, but most fans would probably kill for that right now over his current state.

I'm not one of those guys who denounces the PG Era and prays for the return of the Attitude Era, but Truth is a perfect example of why so many people hate PG. Making things a little more kid-friendly is perfectly understandable and it isn't something that I would ever complain about, but having an imaginary person play a role in a match is going overboard, to say the least.

Truth will probably be great for Saturday Morning Slam, but in terms of being placed in real storylines and having meaningful feuds, I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel for him. That isn't to say that he can never be a useful part of the roster again. But if his character remains unchanged, then I have no hope for him.

There are so many midcard guys on the roster, who aren't used satisfactorily at the moment, that I have a hard time believing Truth will be a key cog. He has proven in the past that he can play the psychopathic heel role very well, but it doesn't appear as though the WWE has plans to go back to that, and Truth is going to fall flat as a singles competitor because of it.


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