UFC 100 To Host Three Title Fights? The Man That Can Make It All Happen

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IMarch 9, 2009

With Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir's bout to be held, due to Mir's latest knee injury, UFC 100 may turn out to be the biggest event of the year after all.

The unofficial 100th UFC pay-per-view event has a chance to hold three title shots, if Dana White and the Fertitta brothers want to. An almost definite title shot resides in George St. Pierre vs. Thiago Alves, and another certainty now seems to be Mir vs. Lesnar II.

However, it remains to be seen if White would want to force BJ Penn into a lightweight bout with Kenny Florian prior to Summer's end.

With Rashad and Rampage expected to be the official replacement for Lesnar and Mir's bout at UFC 98, the only other title remaining is currently sitting on Anderson Silva's mantle at his home.

Though Penn vs. Florian would definitely make UFC 100 the event of the year, it would also force high-profile fighters into one event, which could make for a stretch of lackluster bouts like the UFC has seen before. This is not something White or the UFC would want to do.

Solution? Well, if two title shots are the best, we're going to get into UFC 100, then why not make for some high profile undercard bouts with serious implications?

For example, I could see Machida getting a fight with someone on the card to keep loose for the bout with the winner of Evans vs. Jackson, much like people want to see Florian fight Sherk while waiting for Penn to reappear into the UFC lightweight division.

I could also see Mark Coleman making another appearance, though his latest was not my personal favorite against a very un-game Shogun Rua. Then again, you could always go with a young, fast fighter such as Joe Lauzon versus someone really up and coming like Tyson Griffin. Wouldn't you watch that? I know I would.

So, in conclusion, UFC 100 will be great no matter what, but expect, at the very least, two title fights.