Tampa Bay Buccaneers Face a Must Win Against the Kansas City Chiefs

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IOctober 9, 2012

Jamal Charles leads the league in rushing.
Jamal Charles leads the league in rushing.Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

This one's tailor-made for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

This is one they should win, one they are supposed to win, and what it probably boils down to, one they MUST win.

We're talking about Sunday, home game, a 1-4 team in the form of the Kansas City Chiefs.

This one's supposed to be like George Chuvalo placed right in front of the young Muhammad Ali—a sitting duck, target practice, easy win.

The only problem is that the Bucs aren't as skilled yet as Ali was in his prime, and they're certainly susceptible to the big hit, the lucky knockout punch. Right now, the Bucs have a fairly weak chin, you never know when they're going down.

Hopefully it's not on Sunday.

Hopefully this is the second win of the new Greg Schiano regime.


But there's a difference between hope and expectation isn't there?

There's a difference between hope and reality.

The reality is that this Kansas City team has the fourth-best offense in the league, the 11th-best defense and the top rusher in Jamal Charles.

The Tampa Bay reality is that the Bucs are 30th in offense and 27th in defense, only because they've played four games. And you could combine Doug Martin and LeGarrette Blount, and they don't have enough yardage between them to scare any defense.

The difference for K.C. has been 19 turnovers for a minus-15 margin. That will get you to 1-4 in a hurry, doesn't matter how good the other stats are.

This one is tailor-made for a Buc win. This is not Atlanta. This one is very, very winnable, and how many games will we be able to say that about over the next 12 weeks?

After this week, the Saints come to town, then the Bucs take two straight road trips: one to surprising Minnesota, then the month and the first half of the season wrap up in Oakland.

With that bye week to prepare and repair, Schiano needs to get while the gettin' is supposed to be good.

Which brings us to Brady Quinn. He's the probable starting quarterback for the Chiefs after Matt Cassel got his bell rung hard enough to give him a concussion in the Ravens game.

That may be good or bad for the Bucs, depending. Most of those turnovers by the Chiefs have been the responsibility of Cassel, which is why the K.C. fans were flying that banner over Arrowhead last Sunday: "We deserve better. Fire Pioli, bench Cassel."

The Ravens took care of the "bench Cassel" part of the equation.

Now, back to Quinn. The former Golden Domer has played in only 15 games in six years. He has 10 touchdown passes, nine interceptions and four fumbles. Are you appreciating Josh Freeman just a wee bit more at this point?

Quinn didn't play in a single game last year or the year before when he was in Denver. Think he might be a bit rusty?

That's Chuvalo in front of Ali if there ever were.

Think the Bucs might want to put the kibosh on Charles and force Brady to try and beat them?

Heck, if we know that, surely Schiano and his sidekick Bill Sheridan might stay up every night until midnight and figure that out.

Yes, it seems very simple, doesn't it?

Seems tailor-made.

Looks like a set table, just sit down and eat.

The Bucs along with the rest of us might want to remember one of Murphy's Laws of Combat: "When everything is quiet, when everything seems good -- it's an ambush!"