Troy Smith to the New York Jets?

Cole TesslerCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2009

The New York Jets have been raiding the Ravens roster lately, picking up Jim Leohnard and Bart Scott and negotiating with Corey Ivey. Now, even more rumors are swirling that backup quarterback Troy Smith may soon become part of Gang Green.



Smith won the Heisman Trophy in 2006. Although having success in college, many people did not think that success would follow him through to the pros. He eventually was drafted in the fifth round by the Ravens in 2007.

Troy eventually started two the last two weeks that year and saw limited time in two other games. Eventually, he racked up 452 yards and two touchdowns that season. He also was able to lead the Ravens to a December win.

Eventually, he was diagnosed with tonsillitis in the beginning of the 2008 season and Joe Flacco started at quarterback. Flacco proved he was the man, so Smith remained second string.



  • Good mobility
  • Strong arm
  • Starting experience
  • Young (24)



  • Bad size (6'0")
  • OK accuracy



This is an interesting choice by the Jets at quarterback, if they get him. I thought if they were going to trade for one, it would be a sure starter.

Most likely, Smith is going to be thrown into the mix at quarterback to give the Jets more options. But since Rex Ryan likes Smith quite a bit, and based on the moves the team has made so far, I would trust Ryan's instinct here.

If the Jets do trade for Smith, it will likely be for a pick between the fourth and seventh rounds. The Ravens do not need Smith, so New York might be able to get a bargain here.


My thoughts

Again, I thought if the Jets where to get someone before the NFL Draft I thought it would be a sure starter for the draft.

He has experience and he's another possible for the starting position for the Jets. If not he would also be a good safety net if the starter does not do well enough.

Again right now it seems like it is Clemens or Ratliff. This brings another candidate into the mix and allows more variety.

He also is a great player for trick plays like the Wildcat or reverses with his speed, which is what the Jets did a lot with Brad Smith.

All in all, I think this is would be a good decision.

Do you guys think the Jets should get Smith? And if not, who? Let me know what you think.