NCAA Basketball: Wagering Tips For Conference Tournaments

ctsports picksAnalyst IMarch 9, 2009

The Madness has already began with many conference tournaments underway and the rest to start in the next few days.

As much as we love to watch these exciting tournaments we really love to add to it by adding to our bank role before the big dance starts. Now the question is how do we do this?? Professional Handicapper Craig Trapp of CT Sports has his top-three tips to winning bets in the conference tournament.

1. Underdog Money line upsets: Top teams go into conference tournaments with other things on there mind and rarely win the conference tournament. On the other hand, low-ranked teams have to win to get off the bubble or sometimes must get the at-large bid.

But don't just bet the underdog to win against the spread, instead split your bet and take the money line also. Several times you can pick up huge money line wins and the value in this scenario can be huge. Of course you can't do this across the board but examine the money line wager closely when you like the underdogs.

2. Strong Point Guard Play: Underdog teams with great point guard play always catch my eye as a candidate for not only taking the team against the spread but also the Money Line!!

So many games this time of year come down to the point guard and his ability to either make the big shot or get the ball to the right person to make the key shot. Craig very rarely takes a team in conference tournament games that does not have the better Point Guard!! One key team to keep an eye on is Scottie Reynolds of Villanova.

3. Free-Throw Shooting: Make sure you look at the free-throw percentage for teams before placing your hard earned money in conference tournament games.

How many times at the end of a game do you lose your bet against the spread because a team misses two or three free throws. We all have been there. Knowing your opponent so well in conference tournaments equals close games or wins for teams.

Teams that make free throws when it counts usually means covering against the spread for us the bettors. Don't bet on a team that shoots less than 68 percent for the season—trust me you won't regret it.

As a handicapper, Craig has many rules to live by but these top-three tips for conference tournament rounds will help you not waste your money. Producing consistent winners this time of year can be tough but it does not have to follow these rules and you will enjoy in the profits.

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