Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Kansas City Chiefs: Is There Cause for Concern?

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IOctober 8, 2012

The Bucs will see a lot of Jamal Charles (25).
The Bucs will see a lot of Jamal Charles (25).Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

It shouldn't be this way.

One would think that coming off some rest, extra time to prepare and a staff resolution to "fix things" for the Buccaneers, that this upcoming game against the Kansas City Chiefs will result in the Bucs second win of the season.

For some reason, something's not right here. Reminds me of the old Magnum P.I. episodes when Thomas Magnum, the private eye played by Tom Selleck, would get a warning from his "little voice."

His "little voice" was always right.

My little voice is screaming in my ear like a Halloween banshee. Almost like the old Lost in Space series when the robot would sound out: "Danger Will Robinson!"

The danger alarm is going off; I can hear it already.

Yes, Kansas City is 1-4. But this is a team with pretty decent offensive and defensive stats. They have outplayed their opponents on the field, but not on the scoreboard. They have 118 first downs to 84 for the other teams. They have 2,012 yards of offense to 1,624 and their time of possession is good, up by nearly five minutes.

Their downfall has been turnovers. They've had 19 in five games.

Ouch. That will get you to 1-4 or 0-5 in a hurry.

One of the reasons for those errors has been starting quarterback Matt Cassel. You say you're not high on Josh Freeman? In Kansas City they can't stand Cassel. Some fans chipped in and had a plane fly a banner over Arrowhead Sunday that read: "We deserve better, fire Pioli, bench Cassel."

That's Pioli as in GM Scott Pioli and Cassel is his "guy."

Well, there was Cassel with two picks and two fumbles against the Ravens before he got knocked silly and the crowd cheered when he went down. Pretty cold, that's Philadelphia Eagles fan cold. Overall this season, he's thrown for five touchdowns, nine interceptions and been sacked 13 times.

In came Brady Quinn who is now the most popular man in Kansas City and most likely will start for the Chiefs on Sunday.

Don't look for Quinn to be throwing 25 times. The Chiefs are going to hand the ball off to Jamaal Charles. He ran for 140 yards against the Ravens and that's a big-time defense, not a rebuilding unit like the one the Bucs throw out there. He's got 551 yards in the first five games; that's on pace for the 1,800 neighborhood.

If you think Alfred Morris for the Redskins was a challenge, wait until you get a load of Charles.

My little voice is screaming.

The good news is that the Bucs received their game plan today; they'll practice the next five days to get ready. 

They've really got things stacked in their favor and that's what's bothering me here.

This one doesn't feel right.

Quinn's been the proverbial "never got it done" guy in this league. He was Cleveland's first-round pick in 2007 and has been a gypsy ever since. 

He'll probably get his big chance Sunday.

Hopefully he'll be his typically forgettable self.

But something's not right, this all feels very strange.

My little voice is screaming.