5 Winners and Losers of Indianapolis Colts vs. Green Bay Packers Game

Eric SmithCorrespondent IIIOctober 8, 2012

5 Winners and Losers of Indianapolis Colts vs. Green Bay Packers Game

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    The Indianapolis Colts pulled a monumental upset in beating the Green Bay Packers 30-27 today. For the Colts, this game meant so much to a young team fighting for their coach who is fighting for his life in a bout with leukemia right down the street from Lucas Oil Stadium. The Colts wanted to win this game for their coach and bring him the game ball from the victory.

    That they did.


    Indianapolis looked good on both sides of the ball and pulled a storybook ending to what seemed like a movie. It couldn't have been scripted any better. The Colts trailed 21-3 at the half and looked like they were going to get steamrolled at home. Then, they came out emotional and played like their hair was on fire and only gave up six total points to the mighty Packers.
    The offense grew up right in front of our eyes as they scored 27 points in that second half including a closing seconds touchdown and conversion of two points to give them a three-point lead with just mere seconds left. This storybook game was something that the Colts are used to seeing when they face the New England Patriots in epic comebacks with a veteran team and quarterback. This wasn't supposed to happen with a young team, rookie quarterback only making his fourth NFL start and a fill-in coach while the normal coach is fighting for his life.
    These are the five winners and losers from today's game.

Winner: Andrew Luck

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    Today was Andrew Luck's coming-out party. Not like his other three games weren't spectacular, but this was the game with national attention that put him on the map as a great prospect. For us fans in Indy, it was like seeing the old Peyton Manning out there and not the rookie or young Manning, but the veteran part of him that led the Colts to Super Bowls.

    Luck is far ahead of his time as a rookie. He doesn't look like a guy playing in his fourth career NFL game. He looked far advanced of those in his fellow rookie class. He wasn't supposed to have such an easy time picking apart this Packers defense in the second half. He showed heart and determination to lead this Colts team from being down 18 points to a win.

    Luck finished the game 31 for 55 with 362 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. He managed the game perfectly and led Indianapolis on a late fourth-quarter drive to throw a touchdown pass to Reggie Wayne with just under 20 seconds left. He showed poise and moxie of that of a 10+ year veteran. If this is what Luck is in four games, what's he going to be in four years?

Winner: Colts Defense

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    The first half was a good effort, and I wasn't too mad at giving up 21 points to the Packers going into the halftime break. I knew the Colts only needed a few adjustments and could be dominant in the second half. Never in my wildest dreams did I think they would have listened to what I've been saying all week and actually surprise me by making those adjustments.

    The Colts brought pressure on Aaron Rodgers all day and played tight-man coverage. This was what I've been asking for. Rodgers was sacked a league high 16 times entering the game and the Colts added another five to that total. They also picked him off on the first series in the second half and that set the tone for the epic comeback.

    The rest of the second half the Colts were flying at the ball and making things terribly difficult for Green Bay. They didn't allow any points until the second-to-last drive for the Packers, but held their two-point conversion attempt to nothing. They only allowed six total points to this dangerous Packers offense in the second half and beat them in the point where good teams usually prevail.
    I thought Cassius Vaught played phenomenal filling in for the injured Vontae Davis, and this Colts defense may be better than people are giving them credit for.

Winner: Colts Playoff Hopes

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    Indianapolis now sits 2-2 and if the playoffs started today would be in. I know that sounds crazy to talk about that in Week 5, but it's a far cry from where they were at last year. Take this stat for what it's worth as well. Taking out Houston who is far better than Indianapolis right now, the combined record for their opponents is 14-34. They have matchup coming up with a terrible New York Jets team then come home two of their next three games against bad Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphins teams.

    The other game in the next four is a road divisional game against a pretty bad Tennessee Titans team. It's not too far out to think the Colts could win all four of those games and be 6-2 heading into their rematch with a bad Jacksonville Jaguars team.

    The Jags came should have been won in Lucas Oil Stadium and should be an easy win down there in November. If they end up 7-2 and winning six in a row that's a playoff team this year, folks. If they play the way they did against Green Bay, and there's no reason they can't, they will win all five of these upcoming games.


    Indianapolis needed a win in the Green Bay game to have outside hopes and an emotional win like that could very well propel them to that point.

Loser: Colts Fans

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    I was irate when I showed up in my seats at Lucas Oil Stadium today. A once proud 12th man was invaded by cheeseheads and Packers jerseys. There were way too many fans in the Colts' territory. That's inexcusable.

    All last season, people were trying to plead they were fans since 1984 and always watch the games. We all knew it was a joke that these fans trying to persuade everyone that really were bandwagon fans. That showed yesterday.

    The season ticket wait list was gone, but they did tell us that most of the season was sold out. My question then to Colts fans was where were you at? We had people sitting around us that told us they were given tickets from season ticket holders because they so-called Colts fans knew they were Packers fans and wanted to give them an opportunity to go. That's not a Colts fan.
    Credit Packer fans to being loyal and making the seven-hour journey south to Indianapolis to watch their team while hundreds of so called Colts fans that live within the city didn't fork out the money or even worse gave their seats up. Shame on those fans, and I honestly don't want them back. This Colts team proved yesterday they can win without you. You terrible fans turned a home advantage to a neutral site.

Loser: Green Bay's Playoff Hopes

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    Green Bay easily could be 1-4 right now. They were a missed New Orleans field goal away from being at that point right now. Instead, they're now 2-3 with their loss to the Colts and could see their playoff hopes dwindling. They're now two games out of their division lead, and that will be a tall task to make up. Also, to make the NFC playoffs as a wildcard, many are predicting those teams to only have five or six losses. The Packers are almost there.

    They have to go 9-2 from here on out with a difficult schedule to even be in consideration for a playoff spot. Losses like today could keep them out. They have a lot to fix with the first priority is protecting Rodgers.

    As of now the Packers are on the outside looking in. That's a far cry from being 15-1 last season.