TNA: Impact! Wrestling Nearly Plummets to Under 1 Million Viewers

Daniel PeragineSenior Analyst IIOctober 6, 2012

Bobby Roode at Impact! Wrestling (Photo credit: Lee South, TNA Wrestling)
Bobby Roode at Impact! Wrestling (Photo credit: Lee South, TNA Wrestling)

Just like WWE Monday Night Raw's dropping viewership, TNA Impact! Wrestling is also experiencing a tough period despite it entering its Bound For Glory pay-per-view season.

Thanks to NFL Thursday Night Football and the Jersey Shore returning to television, the October 4 edition of Impact! Wrestling nearly fell under one million viewers (via TV by the Numbers).



Overall Thursday night viewership totals for Impact! Wrestling


On Thursday night, Impact! Wrestling had just 1.05 million viewers. Among adults aged 18-49, Impact! scored a 0.3 ratings share and dropped on cable television's Top 50 list.



Which programs dominated Thursday night?


While Impact! Wrestling struggled, NFL Thursday Night Football was the most watched program with 6.43 million viewers. Jersey Shore on MTV returned to television with 4.69 million viewers, coming in at No. 2 on cable television's Top 50 chart. 



Taking a big hit on Thursday night 


Thursday nights have not been very kind to TNA. Impact! Wrestling viewership has plummeted even if its current product improved from 2011. At one time, it seemed TNA could truly capitalize with its live series run but so far, its product success has not matched any sort of positive viewership gain. Simply, Impact! Wrestling is just not there yet despite a talented roster to grow strongly in viewership. 



WWE is also in a similar situation, as Monday Night Raw has experienced plummeting viewership totals since moving to a three-hour format. Wrestling as a whole is not creating the impact on cable television it once did. Although anything is possible, the NFL continues to be an issue for both WWE and TNA.

Even with its Bound For Glory pay-per-view arriving, TNA has not been able to gain any sort of momentum. Aces and 8s, one of the biggest story lines heading into Bound For Glory, has developed quite nicely over a period of time but has been unable to generate much interest. It will be interesting to see how the final episode of Impact! Wrestling performs before Bound For Glory.

It has been a quiet fall season thus far in professional wrestling.