Why Philadelphia Eagles Fans Should Forget About Nick Foles

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Why Philadelphia Eagles Fans Should Forget About Nick Foles
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The hype surrounding the Eagles’ 2012 third-round draft pick has been a bit unfounded.

It’s a good thing when a quarterback has a preseason like the one Nick Foles had this year. But if Eagles fans want to see their team in the playoffs, Nick Foles is not the quarterback that could take them there.

Though Foles has gained a reputation for being a pocket passer, the Eagles’ offensive line hasn’t done an exceptional job so far when it comes to creating and holding a pocket for Michael Vick.

Even though the Birds’ O-line did well last Sunday against the Giants, it’s hard to believe that everything just clicked for them overnight and now they’re reliable. They’ll have to turn in a few more performances like they did last Sunday before it would be reasonable to buy in because of their terrible play through the first three weeks.

Let’s entertain the idea that the O-line has finally gotten their act together, and they’re the real deal. Michael Vick was great working behind them. Why should he get benched?

In regards to Vick’s turnover problems, you can now safely rest assured that a big part of his problems can be attributed to poor offensive line play. After all, he had great protection against the Giants, and he didn’t turn the ball over once. Prior to that, Vick looked panicked, hurried and erratic. It’s because he didn’t have the kind of time he needed.

It’s unwise to say that Nick Foles would have done any better in those situations because we haven’t seen him do it. I know, Foles hasn’t gotten a chance.

Why should he get one, though? The Eagles are 3-1. However, Michael Vick is a veteran quarterback who has proven that he can handle those kinds of situations. Take a look at his game-winning drives this year.

Even if Foles was given the opportunity, he wouldn’t be able to pick up the kind of yardage on the ground when the protection breaks down that Vick does because he’s not as athletic and fast.

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Another idea floating around about the benefit of starting Nick Foles is his arm: Apparently, it’s strong and accurate.

Have we forgotten that Michael Vick has one of the strongest, most accurate arms in the NFL? His problem is that he’s tried to do too much, like trying to squeeze the ball into impossible holes. That’s the kind of thing that is frustrating for everyone, myself included. But when you think about it, it’s worth noting that his receivers have had problems getting open.

When you consider that along with the O-line’s struggles, what was Vick really supposed to do? I’m not excusing him, but sometimes a quarterback needs to take chances.

Since Nick Foles has not shown that he would make better decisions in those kinds of unfavorable situations, it would be unwise to give him an opportunity to do so. He’s a rookie. He was taken in the third round for a reason.

Sure, Tom Brady was a late-round pick. How many quarterbacks drafted late are Tom Brady?

I loved what I saw from Foles in the preseason just like everyone else. He was outstanding, and it was great to see that kind of thing coming from a backup.

But the Eagles need to win now. Michael Vick’s past is too great to warrant benching him for anything short of an injury or a losing record.

As of now, the Eagles are on top of the NFC East, and Michael Vick is healthy. No one knows the future. So let’s hold off on the Foles hype for now. 

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