Jerry Jones: Finally Wising Up and Letting Go

Dominica BroomCorrespondent IMarch 8, 2009

So, after looking back at my old Cowboys article, I noticed something: two of the three players are now gone: one to another team and the other is a free agent aimlessly wandering around I'm guessing.

Now in that article, I complained about Jerry and his love for bringing 'problem' players to his team, a la a correctional camp. But Jerry has now started to come to his senses and make some changes.

First, Adam Jones and his drama is now gone from the team. Granted he did get suspended by his own doing, Jones finally bid farewell to him.

Even though it took him getting into an altercation with his bodyguard, getting suspended (minimum four games), entering an alcohol rehab center, being reinstated, suffering an injury, sitting part of the season out, and coming back (only to be later released shortly), it's better late than never. The straw that broke Jerry's back? Jones was a suspect in a 2007 shooting outside a strip club in Atlanta.

Ah, let's take in that sweet fresh air.

Terrell Owens is now off making $6.5 million for a team named after William "Buffalo Bill" Cody. But I'm sure you know that from the numerous (and good!) articles on here. No longer will we hear about "give me the ball more," from this ex-Cowboy. Well, we probably will; it just won't be in the blue and silver anymore.

I haven't seen the depth chart for this team yet, but my guess is Owens might be one of, if not the, main wide receiver (and given his ego, he will be the one). Given that this team hasn't had a playoff appearance since 1999 or a division championship since '95, I think it's safe to say they are not going to pay him that much to ride their bench.

Best of luck to Owens... and the Bills (they are going to need it).

Lastly, there is Roy Williams (and then there was one). His buddy, Roy Williams is now a free agent (to save salary cap money it seems), but this Williams got a nice new contract until the year 2013. Now, if I am reading the stats on the Cowboys' site correctly, (and knowing me, I am probably not) he exceeded my expectations. Then again, I was not expecting much at the time. But I guess he will have to do, for now at least.

I just cannot wait for the season to start so I can see if my mom's favorite team can stop disappointing her in the play-offs. She will be watching (and screaming and yelling at) you guys.

BONUS: On the radio one day, the host was asking callers what they thought of Owens leaving the Cowboys and asking was it a good decision. One lady called in and said they should not have let Owens go, but instead Romo should have gone. She also said Romo is not a quarterback; he was made one ( I guess because the last one just wasn't cutting it). She said they should have gotten rid of him and gotten a new one. Food for thought maybe?