Welcome to the Dallas Cowboys Correctional Camp

Dominica BroomCorrespondent IOctober 15, 2008

Let me start off by saying, I'm a Cowboys fan.

No other team cheering will do in this household, unless you want to be shunned by your own mother. I am nowhere close on football intelligence as the amazing people on here, (so please take it easy if I'm way off). However, I am wondering why Jerry Jones keeps giving these disgruntled or law breaking players a quick one-way ticket to Dallas?

Take T.O., the indisputable loud mouth of the league who was unhappy with his former Eagles team. He probably despised his "measly" salary too. Despite his antics, ranting, and behavior, after being released from the Eagles, Jones came in to offer him a new deal (which was way better than his last).

I guess Jones thought he could change T.O., but nobody can change T.O. but T.O. Don't get me wrong, Owens can make some spectacular plays and produce some offense.

I hate his constant whining of "get me the ball more so I can score," but all this ranting isn't his fault. Maybe the reporters should stop sticking microphones in front of his mouth so much.

Who's next? Hmm, yes, Adam "Pacman" Jones. Seems to me, he won't be graduating from this camp with a certificate of completion.

Everyone knows his drama and off-the-field behavior from his Titans days. But this former (or still active but non-physical?) wrestler has found the path to the Cowboys land, complete with Jones standing with his arms wide open, ready to embrace this new Adam that will miraculously appear.

But wait, what is this? A. Jones hasn't changed? The Commissioner who suspended him for a minimum of four games due to the altercation with his bodyguard is now watching him.

Because Jerry has not laid down punishment, the NFL had to step in to show him the error of his ways. Maybe this time, Jones will turn a corner and make Jerry proud—off the field that is.

Lastly, in the latest twist of this Cowboys tale, is the recent acquirement of another Roy Williams. (I wonder if they have nicknames or something to differentiate them?)

Straight from Detroit is another player checking into Jerry's Camp. He could pass for Owens' twin: Mr.-Please-Pass-Me-The-Ball-More, take two.

He wasn't happy with the Lions because he couldn't get the ball enough, so he came here? Seriously? We already have one diva complaining about the lack of balls thrown to him, so now we need another?

I know he was brought in to help the Cowboys, with Romo out and stuff. What makes me mad is what we gave up: first, third, and sixth round picks in the next draft.

Hopefully there's no amazing fresh talent we could have picked, but I guess it's all about the now. Williams seems to be just a good player, with no crazy off-the-field problems, who just didn't like his team, so we shall see how he does.

As for Romo, you're out almost a month because of a pinkie? Really? This is the professional league, not pee wee football. I've seen players play through worse injuries and still play decently.

Hopefully the ancient Brad Johnson can come in and get some wins. He has been in this league for quite some time.

Who knows? Maybe he'll be so amazingly great, he'll take Romo's spot, kind of like Romo did to Bledsoe. But I'm not holding my breath.

To the boys in Cowboys rehab, we'll be watching.