Seattle Seahawks: Why the Team Will Stick with Russell Wilson

Todd PheiferAnalyst IIIOctober 3, 2012

ST. LOUIS, MO - SEPTEMBER 30: Quarterback Russell Wilson #3 of the Seattle Seahawks attempts to avoid pressure from the St. Louis Rams defense during the game at the Edward Jones Dome on September 30, 2012 in St. Louis, Missouri. The Rams beat the Seahawks 19-13. (Photo by David Welker/Getty Images)
David Welker/Getty Images

You could argue that Russell Wilson is playing like a rookie. Should we expect any different?

Granted, the young quarterback obviously has talent, poise and that elusive “upside.” Will that translate into 300 yards of passing one of these days? Not necessarily.

He just cannot throw interceptions, even if they are not all his fault.   

I can understand why some people might be calling for Matt Flynn. The bottom line is that Wilson has not moved the offense effectively. He has had his moments, but winning is about consistent play. The offense just has not produced.

Obviously, there are some health issues with Flynn at the moment, so replacing Wilson may be irrelevant. What happens if the Hawks continue to struggle?

What must be remembered is that quarterback play is a delicate situation. Every QB has their own style, which means that inserting Flynn is not necessarily going to result in a bevy of highlight-reel touchdowns.

There is a rapport that must be established between the quarterbacks and the receivers. Do the Seattle Seahawks want to start over with Flynn and have to rebuild that rapport? Doubtful.

At some point you have to assume that Wilson will get on the same page with his inconsistent receivers.

Obviously, Pete Carroll picked Wilson for a reason. He must believe in the young thrower, and I have to imagine that Pete feels that one of these days it is all going to come together. Carroll does not have forever, but it seems as if he is willing to be patient with Wilson.   

If you think about it, the Seahawks are not so far removed from being 4-0. Would we feel differently about Wilson if he had put together game-winning drives against Arizona and St. Louis? Granted, the statistics do not tell the whole story. Despite dismal numbers through the air, the Hawks are a 2-2 squad with great potential.

Fans have to be patient. Wilson generated a lot of hype in the preseason, but it must be remembered that he is a rookie. He is the 27th-rated quarterback in the NFL, but that also means that he has tremendous room to grow. 

The Hawks are going to stick with Wilson, at least for now. If Seattle were to lose a couple more games, we may hear more calls for Matt Flynn.