T.O. and the Oakland Raiders?

Marcel stickum37Contributor IMarch 7, 2009

I have read, listened to, as well as watched the ESPN Circus which is The Terrell Owens saga. Owens is being linked to the Raiders, by most all the media circuits.

Now this is deserved as Al Davis has shown a weakness for a talent, no matter what it does to the inner structure of his team. Now like many others already, I am writing about an over analyzed topic; T.O. and the Raiders. 

Davishas shown a key interest in talent, over all other attributes. There is no knocking Owens ability to play receiver, even at 36, and a drop off from the talent he exhibited in his prime years, he is still a top 10 Receiver.

No matter what ESPN or your local sports media member tells you, Owens can still play. So this leaves us with the ultimate General Manager/Owner decision do you take a flyer on Terrell Owens?

The Pros; As I mentioned, Owens still has the ability to play the position at a high level and unlike the Randy Moss experience in Oakland, he is a player who does not take plays off. The next step, which stands out with Owens is his work ethic, which only can be matched by the great Jerry Rice.

A key issue being overlooked is while Owens may not be what is viewed as a classic team leader for younger players, we must take into account the possibility of him leading by example, allow me to explain before jumping me.

Owens' work ethic is second to none in today's NFL. It would be of great interest for receivers like Johnnie Lee Higgins and Chaz Schilens to follow Owens lead in this direction. As I stated earlier Owens does not take plays off, and is a passionate competitor, though at times to a fault. So will this side of his ability to be a role model be contagious.

Next time you believe all which is spouted about Owens remember he is not on Sports Center for receiving a DUI, possession of an illegal substance, or putting his hands on a female, though he is cast as the source of evil in the NFL. 

The Cons; Owens has a me first personality. Now I believe all great receivers have this "Me First Persona" but Owens takes it to a higher level. His passion and belief in himself which makes him great on the field, is his demise when dealing with others.

Owens has proven at times the sand box is not big enough for him, so he must find a new place to play. His ability to chew up and spit out QB's is a thing of beauty to those marketing sports television. It just doesn't have that same feeling for those within the organization he is employed with.

Though at the same time he is a QB killer, these same QB's need him even more so then Kobe needs Shaq to wear another ring. So can Owens coexist with a QB for multiple seasons? Now that is a topic all in itself.

Owens abilities have peaked and our on the downward slide. Though the big question is with his work ethic, how fast will they descend? No one truly knows, or you would hear of several teams wine and dine Terrell and Drew Rosenhaus, yesterday, today, and next week.

Though, dreams like this are more likely to come from the mouth of utter lies, which Drew so eloquently spits. Then the truth of an up coming contract loaded with performance based incentives, with a low buy out for not towing the company line.

Now I will readily admit, I do not think Terrell Owens is a good fit for the Raiders. I believe with all of his talent's, the darkside to having Terrell Owens is too much for a new Head Coach to handle. Though last time I checked Gandhi was not playing the role of No. 1 receiver in the NFL.

I do believe the money to secure Owens can be better spent. With the Raiders needs on the Offensive and Defensive Lines, then an aging talented Receiver with a me first persona. A veteran receiver is needed in Oakland to mentor its young receivers, just not Owens.

For Oakland to change the Raiders need to keep this young locker room intact, and continue to discard the malcontents they have incurred the past five seasons, not add another.