WWE News: John Cena Tweets Updated Post-Surgery Photo

Gone Baby GoneContributerOctober 2, 2012

Courtesy John Cena's Twitter
Courtesy John Cena's Twitter

About a week ago, John Cena posted a picture of his healing arm.

Now, it appears this will be a weekly ritual until his return, as Cena took to Twitter on Tuesday with the following:





The arm looks to be in better shape than it was a week ago. I am assuming he must be working his tail off to be ready for WWE's next pay-per-view offering, "Hell in a Cell". As it appears, WWE's creative has no one else lined up for CM Punk to defend his title against.

Which to me is baffling, considering we are just a few weeks out and they could easily make this a three-way or four-way match to decide the title. Ultimately, adding more people into the mix allows Cena to be involved in the main-event without having to work as hard.


I get that Cena is a workhorse and is willing to give his all for his craft. However, the WWE and Cena, need to start thinking long-term here. Especially considering, Cena isn't getting any younger and won't be able to recover this quick with future injuries if he keeps up this pace.

Right now, the WWE has a chance to start getting their future stars primed and ready for the spotlight. think about it, at any moment Cena could suffer a bigger more serious injury and be out for six-months to a year.

Then what would the WWE do?

Clearly, they can't rely on Sheamus to carry the company and CM Punk hasn't proven that he has that Cena factor that keeps fans coming back for more. Don't get me wrong, Punk has done an amazing job as champion for the better part of a year. But, when it comes to ratings and overall company standing, Cena has proven time and again that he has stroke with both the fans and the WWE.

The fact is, last night was the first time in at least a year that the WWE went Cena-less for an entire Monday Night Raw. It was an OK show, but was it enough to keep Cena loyalists watching?

In the end, the WWE needs to start looking at their roster, especially the guys that are 30 and under to see who is next to carry the torch. This would allow them time to work with Cena and see if he can take that person to the next level.