WWE News: John Cena Tweets Picture of Injured Arm

Gone Baby GoneContributerSeptember 24, 2012

Courtesy John Cena's Twitter
Courtesy John Cena's Twitter

This has been a busy week for John Cena news.

First, we find out that he underwent surgery almost one week ago. Next, there was WWE.com drama on when he was or wasn't going to return. Then, Cena tweets that, regardless of injury, he will be at tonight's Raw. Most recently, the WWE gave refunds to Cena fans in New York, due to him being scheduled to appear at a live event. Because of injury, he was not there.

Now, the leader of Cenation Tweeted out a picture of his now healing arm, with the following message.



Ultimately, it actually looks better than I was expecting—but then again, I am not a doctor. Maybe this requires a diagnosis for B/R's The Doctor Chris Mueller. Well, as I have mentioned previously, Cena's appearance at Raw should not be buried by fans.

Tonight's appearance is strictly a business move, as the WWE and Susan G Komen For the Cure have partnered up and Cena is the face of the partnership. So don't be too surprised if you see him on Raw for the rest of the month and all of October, regardless of injury status.

In the end, Cena is Cena; fortunately for the WWE, he has barely missed any time due to injury. This injury should prove to be no different. Which is great if you're a Cena fan. I, for one, am on the fence, as Cena's character of late has been on a roll.

Now, if he keeps going with this type of persona, I can imagine he will pick up some more fans. Maybe some of his detractors could even switch sides, and be a part of Cenation.