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"First things first, but not necessarily in that order."- The Doctor

I am a WWE Featured Columnist on B/R, and sites all over the internet have been featuring my quotes and comments for a couple of years now, including and other news sites. I joined BR in 2008 with the goal of simply blogging about sports. As time went on and I grew with the site a hobby turned into a genuine interest in sports media. In my first three years I gained a little over a million reads. I have been able to multiply that over the last year by creating a unique brand for myself here on Bleacher Report. My title of The Doctor may have started as a reference to Doctor Who, but it has grown into more and now it has become my permanent nickname.

Check out my interview with Chicago Bears Rookie Tight End Kyle Adams here

I do my best to contribute anywhere I can in a positive way. I have organized and participated in fund raisers for Susan G Komen for the Cure and St. Judes Children's hospital and I recently chopped off my beautiful locks to donate to Locks for Love.

I am always open to being contacted so feel free to leave a note on the bulletin board or send me a message and I will do my best to respond quickly.

I finally broke down and signed up for Twitter, so follow me @BR_Doctor for news on WWE as well as my amusing take on the things going on in the world.

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  • Congrats on the Cup!

  • alex 12 posted 22 days ago

    alex 12

    I have been able to multiply that over the last year by creating a unique brand for myself here on Bleacher Report. printing singapore

  • Ah okay I getcha, you must be a BlackHawks fan though right? You think they can pull off the series?

  • It's okay you don't need to apologize. So are you a Bears fan?

  • You're my favorite writer ever.

  • Dan Riaz posted 105 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    It's all good Doc! I'm not really on at all so it goes both ways I suppose XD

    I guess from a writer's perspective it might've gotten better. But for the people with accounts on here, not so much. I think the content is too... bland? They got rid of a lot of the best writers on here. Jon Fisher, Chinmay etc. I think the "out there" articles were the reason why this site got popular. You got the occasional "wow" article. But we don't have those anymore. A lot of what's around right now seems to be quite strict, I guess they're taking a turn for the more "professional" news site, and getting rid of the opinion articles and stuff.

    It took them a while to improve as an organisation though. I remember one writer telling me about having to meet this ridiculous quota for them per week, another wasn't getting paid for his work. So I'm glad they've got it together.

    I was actually talking to someone else about this subject. It feels like B/R is more focused on it's mobile app, and the people that happen to pass by. And ignoring the people that make accounts on this site. I don't think people can make Bio's anymore. They revamped the look but it made things a lot more awkward. The comment section is a total mess (it's always in the wrong order and stuff), the props button got removed, the recent activity section got removed, new users don't have access to their inbox (you have to message them first to unlock it) ... it's probably only a matter of time before that gets removed too. The mods are still pretty inconsistent. Troll accounts are less likely to get banned or punished than a user like me who's kinda known. It's been like that for a very long time. There are always a lot of bugs that break the site, and sometimes they never get fixed (the comment scores resetting).

    The biggest thing for me was the fact that a lot of the well known users left. People like Ryan L for instance, all of the users who you'd see in the comment section and think "I know who that is". You just don't get that anymore.

    Lol that turned out a lot longer than I thought it'd be. Sorry for being such a downer XD I am glad that you're enjoying it here, you've always done great work. This site is lucky to have you. And I'm lucky to have had the chance to read a lot of your work :)

  • jhon alex posted 110 days ago

    jhon alex

    I'm not a Heat or LeBron fan. But I thought your article yesterday about his evolution was fantastic. The guy who wrote Rashomon would be proud.
    Warren Cowen

  • Faiza Khan posted 127 days ago

    Faiza Khan

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  • Dan Riaz posted 132 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Wow, I'm actually shocked that you're still on this site! I kinda figured you left a long time ago since this site has pretty much gone downhill over the years. How's it going Doc?

  • Shah Ransh posted 142 days ago

    Shah Ransh

    Its true though, writers like you, Ryan Dilbert, Mike Chiari have been the pillars of the WWE section, even though it has now lost its appeal to me, I have to say, your articles are brilliant. Your coverage of Monday Night Raw has nearly gained a cult-following now. I hope you never leave the site and continue dishing out great articles.