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"First things first, but not necessarily in that order."- The Doctor

I am a WWE Featured Columnist on B/R, and sites all over the internet have been featuring my quotes and comments for a couple of years now, including and other news sites. I joined BR in 2008 with the goal of simply blogging about sports. As time went on and I grew with the site a hobby turned into a genuine interest in sports media. In my first three years I gained a little over a million reads. I have been able to multiply that over the last year by creating a unique brand for myself here on Bleacher Report. My title of The Doctor may have started as a reference to Doctor Who, but it has grown into more and now it has become my permanent nickname.

Check out my interview with Chicago Bears Rookie Tight End Kyle Adams here

I do my best to contribute anywhere I can in a positive way. I have organized and participated in fund raisers for Susan G Komen for the Cure and St. Judes Children's hospital and I recently chopped off my beautiful locks to donate to Locks for Love.

I am always open to being contacted so feel free to leave a note on the bulletin board or send me a message and I will do my best to respond quickly.

I finally broke down and signed up for Twitter, so follow me @BR_Doctor for news on WWE as well as my amusing take on the things going on in the world.

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  • Keep up the good work! (Guy below me is a troll).

  • Lil Wayne's Son posted 26 days ago

    Lil Wayne's Son

    Where the Dawgs at ?

  • Lil Wayne posted 29 days ago

    Lil Wayne


  • Olli Seppala posted 46 days ago

    Olli Seppala

    Hey Doc, ever thought about posting your NXT preview article one day earlier? I really appreciate the previews, since I can get excited for the shows without spoilers:)

  • Otis C. posted 48 days ago

    Otis C.

    From the look of things, are we even sure Paige-AJ has any direction at all?

    Nikki was suddenly dropped from the title hunt as quickly as she entered it so now we're back to square one, and I'm not even sure what that is.

  • Otis C. posted 63 days ago

    Otis C.

    Hey Doc,

    Just in case you happen to read this, I got a question:

    Do you read up on news/rumors around the internet in regards to the WWE? I ask because you wondered if AJ's comments during commentary on SD! were purposely being construed as sexual. Well, apparently they might be -

    According to the rumors (which are just that, but sometimes they're accurate. Sometimes).

  • Randy Norton posted 104 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Hello Doc.

  • hoa cuoi posted 104 days ago

    hoa cuoi

    I'm your fan. hopeful

  • Cal Gildart posted 105 days ago

    Cal Gildart

    NP, Chris. Great stuff.

  • Otis C. posted 140 days ago

    Otis C.

    Reading your recent Swagger article, I have one question: Zeb and Lana are not all that different from one another.

    Zeb hated anyone whose culture differed from his own.

    Lana hates anyone whose culture differs from her own.

    Is it wrong to think that people's patriotism is somewhat blinding them from the obvious similarities? (It doesn't help Zeb opened his promo on Smackdown be confirming his position on immigrants). It's essentially a heel vs heel feud.


    - Otis.

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