"First things first, but not necessarily in that order."- The Doctor

I am a WWE Featured Columnist on B/R, and sites all over the internet have been featuring my quotes and comments for a couple of years now, including WWE.com and other news sites. I joined BR in 2008 with the goal of simply blogging about sports. As time went on and I grew with the site a hobby turned into a genuine interest in sports media. In my first three years I gained a little over a million reads. I have been able to multiply that over the last year by creating a unique brand for myself here on Bleacher Report. My title of The Doctor may have started as a reference to Doctor Who, but it has grown into more and now it has become my permanent nickname.

Check out my interview with Chicago Bears Rookie Tight End Kyle Adams here

I do my best to contribute anywhere I can in a positive way. I have organized and participated in fund raisers for Susan G Komen for the Cure and St. Judes Children's hospital and I recently chopped off my beautiful locks to donate to Locks for Love.

I am always open to being contacted so feel free to leave a note on the bulletin board or send me a message and I will do my best to respond quickly.

I finally broke down and signed up for Twitter, so follow me @BR_Doctor for news on WWE as well as my amusing take on the things going on in the world.

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  • Yrrej Noerrac posted 26 days ago

    Yrrej Noerrac

    Is the Comment Section currently down right now?

  • Suplex Owens Suplex posted 45 days ago

    Suplex Owens Suplex

    Hey Doc, don't you think Lynch can stay relevant without a title shot? People often forget that a wrestler can still be over without being in title contention.

  • New Day GOAT posted 72 days ago

    New Day GOAT

    That was a good win for Bears against Packers. That defense has improved dramatically since their last super bowl appearance. Do you really think Jay Cutler can actually win playoffs games? At one point it seem like every Bears fan wanted to run him out of town.

  • T.J. Bronley posted 81 days ago

    T.J. Bronley

    Ever since B/R changed their site I haven't been able to see your Live RAW articles. Finally found it today! Don't know why they were hidden from me for so long, but am glad to find this one. Now to prevent it from being hidden on me again....

  • Y2J Is G.O.AT posted 88 days ago

    Y2J Is G.O.AT

    Do you believe NXT is the best WWE show and why?

  • Nic N posted 149 days ago

    Nic N

    Really? Paige and Sasha have an awesome match with a brilliant brawl on Smackdown and the only 'highlights' you can come up with are about Sasha's entrance theme, pinky swears and edited boos? Come on...

  • James Snow posted 177 days ago

    James Snow

    Hey Doc,

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your articles, especially your analysis and grades of Smackdown. I love your sense of humor and I think you have a great wrestling mind. Keep kicking ass while there's ass to be kicked.

  • jhon alex posted 188 days ago

    jhon alex

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  • jhon alex posted 191 days ago

    jhon alex

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  • Guy Khazma posted 207 days ago

    Guy Khazma


    I wanted to write this in a private message but since I didn't manage to find out how to do it I will write here.

    First I would like to say that I like very much your articles and since you post the recaps of "Tough Enough" I would like to hear your opinion.

    I have started watching the show this season (including watching "Tough Talk") mainly because the concept seemed like a great idea (I knew the show had previous seasons but at the time I wasn't aware of that) and it seems the show producers make certain decisions which make the show miss the target.

    Each show there are about 2 challenges and the show mainly presents how the challenges are preformed by the contestants and sometime there are certain advices from the trainers but we do not see actual training. The trainers acts more like a judges grading each challenge and picking the winner. In my opinion we should see the trainers working with the contestants and making them ready for the challenges and the judges should grade them (Daniel, Hulk and Paige). For example in the last episode when the contestants had to cut a promo there was no preperation by the trainers and we ended up having each contestant bring what he think is a promo (which may lead to the elimination of Gabi).

    In addition so far each episode included a challenge in which a WWE superstar particpated, this is a great idea but so far except Seth Rollins which tried to help to contestants choose their costumes, Roman Reigns and King Barret barely came to say hello and leave, I would expect Barret for example to help the contestants in preperation and not to cut a promo on Billy and Booker and leave, that doesn't show any teaching done in the show but more like a series of tests to see who could make it.

    An option to make the trainer position more meaning full is having the contestants split into teams where each team is trained by one trainer thus creating some kind of competition between the judges. (Since there are three trainers an option could be to add another trainer or to split to three teams). In addition I would have loved to have the judges more involved with the competitors and sort of accompany them through this journey.

    Moreover the contestants are supposedly in the barracks all over the week meaning either they have a lot of free time or there is a lot of content which is not aired, each week the two challenges can be done within two days and some even on the same day. Assuming they train during the rest of the week that kind of content should be on the show, at the end of the day it's supposed to be a show about wrestling and we barely seen action in the ring or any wrestling match.

    As for the live show, In my opinion Chris Jericho and Renee Young are doing good job (although Jericho should let Renee have a bit more breathing space), however the editing makes the whole show look bad. First each show there is a presentation of the contestents which is waste of a precious time since they are already showcased in the show opening. Secondly too many times in the show the contestents and the judges applaud (clapping hands) , let the crowd applaud, and save the applaud for times it's really needed, sometime it's even ridiculous, if I am not mistaken there was a segment in which Paige wanted to hit Josh with a boot, the crowd appluaded which is great but he applauded too!! Another thing is that many times Jericho is saying that the judges have a lot of questions and they end up asking only 2 questions or he has to cut them since the time is over, that's makes the show look unprofessional and the judges end up choosing the bottom three without us as a viewers having a chance to hear their opinion.

    Obviously a lot of this have to do with the show running, 40 minutes time without commercials is clearly not enough. Since this is a reality show, and so far it's been the most prominent feature of the show, maybe there should be an elimination once in two weeks or they should cut a bit with the reality, which although it's good should take a backseat to the wrestling part in addition "Tough Talk" does a great job in the reality aspect.

    Although all I have written above I think the show has a great potential and there are a lot of great things in the show - the usage of social media to vote is great, the cast is absolutely perfect having many characters which people can relate to (Mainly Sara) or be entertained with (Mainly ZZ ), also all the WWE superstars that appear on the show are doing a good job, mainly Paige as a judge and above all Miz which makes "Tough Talk" even better then the show itself and handles the drama perfectly.

    To sum it up I am not sure why I wrote all this down and it's probably the first comment I have ever written (I have created an account for this), I am sorry if the english is not always correct (It's not my first language) , but it really bothered me and I wanted to hear your opinion since you have been writing about the WWE for sometime and I don't know of any way to send a review to the WWE.

    Best Regards,