Los Angeles Dodgers Free Agency: Updated Targets

Robert Pace@Robert_PaceContributor IIIOctober 2, 2012

Los Angeles Dodgers Free Agency: Updated Targets

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    The Dodgers’ new ownership has proven that it is willing to spend money to bulk up the Blue Crew’s roster, and although marquee moves were already made this summer, all signs indicate that the Dodgers will pick up some big-name free agents this winter.

    Last week we broke down which free agents the Dodgers should pursue in the offseason based on their current needs, and now we’ll take a look at which soon-to-be free-agents the Dodgers have on their radar and who might be on their way out of Los Angeles.

IN: Jake Peavy

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    Jake Peavy has been in the MLB for such a long time that we often have to remind ourselves that he's only 31 years old.

    However, although he is still at a prime age for a pitcher, he has 10 years of wear and tear on his arm, and has previously had issues with injury.

    Peavy's current club, the Chicago White Sox, may not want to dish out $12-15 million for him despite his recent success with the club after two back-to-back subpar seasons in his first two years in the windy city.

    With Chad Billingsley and Ted Lilly injured and other current Dodgers starters probably being ousted from the rotation this offseason, the Dodgers need pitching and Peavy would be a great two-year pickup.

    There is a major downfall in taking a risk with Peavy's health, but the big upside is that he has the experience of pitching extremely well in the National League West with the San Diego Padres.

IN: Zack Greinke

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    It seemed as though Zack Greinke was going to be a complete flop with the Los Angeles Angels after being traded from the Brewers in the middle of the season, but he has done well since adjusting to the new setting.

    Greinke is a player that has consistently put up excellent numbers for the past six seasons and is one of the MLB's younger aces at 28 years old.

    After seeing Greinke struggle early on, the Angeles may not want to front the huge raise that he is expecting this offseason, as his new contract is estimated to be $125 million over six years.

    After their blockbuster moves this season, the Dodgers can't afford to spend money freely, but signing Greinke might just be what they need to bring to their team and fortify their rotation for years to come.

OUT: Shane Victorino

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    Shane Victorino hustles and exerts his best effort every single game he's been in a Dodger uniform, but his performance simply hasn't been sufficient this season.

    Although his numbers continue to gradually improve, Victorino is hitting a mere .245 with two home runs and 15 runs batted in, and the Dodgers probably won't take a gamble on him this offseason by renewing his contract (estimated at two years, $25 million).

    Victorino may still have some gas in the tank at 31 years old, but it's unlikely that the Dodgers will bring him back with Carl Crawford coming back from injury and putting on a Dodger uniform for the first time next season.

    What makes his departure from L.A. even more certain is that he has been vocal about his opposition to coming off the bench for the Dodgers.

    With Kemp, Ethier and soon Crawford in the outfield, there simply isn't any room in the equation for him. 

OUT: Joe Blanton

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    The Dodgers didn't expect too much out of Joe Blanton when they signed him off of waivers this season, but they were hoping that he could more adequately fill the hole in their rotation left by the trading of young ace Nathan Eovaldi.

    Blanton has had some decent outings for the Blue Crew and still may be able to help them in the postseason if they manage to sneak into the NL's second wild-card spot, but he has generally given up too many runs (4.99 earned run average) and his 2-4 record doesn't bode well.

    With other more appealing options out there for their starting rotation, the Dodgers won't take a gamble on Blanton this offseason.


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    After beefing up the lineup offensively this season, the Dodgers will go after pitching this offseason in an attempt to strength the rotation and provide a much-needed complement to Clayton Kershaw.

    While the blockbuster moves made this season were great for the team in the long run, it also ate up a huge chunk of the Dodgers' salary money, and they can't afford to go on another massive spending spree this winter.

    However, they can afford a quality pickup or two, and will.