1. Writing about Melancon & Watson, I noticed this: fWar #Pirates Watson 61 IP 1.2 WAR Melancon 63 IP 1.0 WAR Blanton 18.1 IP 0.5 WAR

  2. On the 10th pitch of the at-bat, Lind homers off Blanton. His 18th. 6-4 Brewers.

  3. First HR Blanton has given up as a Pirate. 19 innings.

  4. Blanton gave up a run in his first Pirates outing when he drilled Byrd. That was his second.

  5. Blanton's scoreless streak ends at eight games and 16.2 innings.

  6. Make that 16.1 scoreless IP for Blanton. Doesn't get credit for that 1st out. Same deal as the Cervelli thing earlier this year.

  7. Hard to overstate how good Joe Blanton has been for the Bucs. #Pirates

  8. Blanton tosses a scoreless 6th and JHay will hit for him to lead off the 7th. 6-4 Brewers #LETSGOBUCS

  9. Kolten Wong singles against Blanton. He's been on base three times today.

  10. So then if AJ take’s Locke’s spot, question is who starts other game of the DH on Tuesday Sept 15? Worley, Blanton, Liz or Locke? #Pirates

  11. Get one more out of Frank and give it to Blanton for the 7th and 8th tonight. #Pirates

  12. Not sure why Hughes here instead of Blanton. #Pirates

  13. Joe Blanton will face Herrera, Braun and Lind in the sixth.

  14. Blanton takes over on the hill in the 6th with the Bucs down 2. #LetsGoBucs http://t.co/guqOZ5wOVO

  15. Liriano is done. 3 .1 innings, five runs so far. Blanton comes in.

  16. Joe Blanton will take over on the hill in the 3rd with one on, one out and the Bucs down 5-1. http://t.co/r2MRDRzIOv

  17. Joe Blanton takes over in the 8th. #LetsGoBucs http://t.co/FIgxrwL0US

  18. Happ, Blanton and Morse such great cheap pickups by Rumpelstiltskin, I mean Neal Huntington. #Pirates

  19. Morton is done. Nine hits allowed in four-plus innings, lots of hard contact. Blanton in, Bryant on first, no outs in fifth.

  20. Blanton takes over on the hill with one on, no outs and the Pirates down 5-4. #LetsGoBucs http://t.co/Db0OjyQACt

  21. Blanton fails to record an out and Bobby LaFromboise is in to pitch. Cubs lead 9-4.

  22. Pedro-Blanton #InfieldDefense #Pirates This one on Blanton.

  23. Joe Blanton takes over on the mound for your @Pirates in the bottom of the 7th. Rockies still holding a 4-2 lead.

  24. Joe Blanton earned second win in two days, now 5-0 with 1.82 ERA, 1.079 WHIP, 34 SO, 4 unintentional BB for #Pirates

  25. Joe Blanton takes over on the hill in the 4th. #LetsGoBucs http://t.co/kLyLbjTzZq

  26. Solid three scoreless innings from Blanton. One hit, one walk, four strikeouts.

  27. #WHIFF! Bobby LaFromboise starts the 8th & Joe Blanton finishes it to keep it 3-1 Reds here at PNC. #LETSGOBUCS http://t.co/s1v1mg4HMR