Most Annoying Players in College Basketball

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Most Annoying Players in College Basketball
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Aaron Craft can be very annoying, but it's only because of his greatness.

Who are the most annoying players in college basketball? It’s a question that is absolutely impossible to answer with anything resembling neutrality or tangible evidence—until now.

If that opening sounds familiar, well, it should. I ranked the best student sections in college basketball last week and used a similar premise in constructing this potentially subjective list.

There are many traits that can make a player irritating, but annoyance is in the eye of the beholder.

Take for example, one of my all-time favorite college basketball players, J.J. Redick. As a Duke fan, what was there not to love? He drained and played relentlessly at both ends of the court.

But for fans of seemingly every other college in the country, J.J. was an irritant. People can say he “complained” or really anything else they want, but those feelings were created by the same set of skills that made him so likeable for Duke fans.

To solve the problem, I once again took to mathematics.

There are many ways players can be annoying. I identified three different “styles of annoyance.”

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Note: All statistics from the 2011-12 season.

Double Note: There were many players who scored higher (or should I say, worse) than some of the ones to appear in the coming slides. But players cannot be annoying if they aren’t on anything other than the most local of television. All the listed players come from big programs. 

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