10 Most Colorful Fans in Sports

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10 Most Colorful Fans in Sports
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What is a team, a player or an athlete without their fans? Fans are not just living ATMs, dishing out money for tickets, merch and nachos; fans are as much a part of the game as the people who play it. The impact of the "12th Man" can can range from hurting the bottom line of a struggling franchise to the actual outcome of a game.

In fact, fans themselves are often scrutinized as much as the successes and failures of a team or athlete. From violent antics in the stands to unwavering loyalty through the darkest years, fans often shape the image and fortunes of their beloved team. Hooligans, bandwagon jumpers—there are as many categories and labels for fans as there are sports cliches.
Then, there are those superfans who seem to bring all of these elements together, often with spectacular—or creepy—results. These are the Most Colorful Fans in Sports.
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