WWE: Would Facing Big Show Take Brodus Clay Up a Notch?

Luis CamposAnalyst IOctober 3, 2012

image via wwe.com
image via wwe.com

Somebody call Brodus Clay's momma—and tell her that the Funkasaurus' career stinks.

Despite a promising beginning from his NXT WWE days as "the Mastodon of Mayhem," Brodus Clay has gone from being a tough and destructive force to a child's play thing.

Though his current "Funkasaurus" gimmick initially had some value to it—mostly comedic value—the gimmick (or at least the way the gimmick has been presented since its inception) needs to change.

As it stands, Brodus Clay seems capable of fulfilling only two roles: the dancing clown who beats heels in short squash matches or the bumbling fool who loses to heels (in short squash matches).

If the WWE is serious about having Clay become one of its top stars, then some changes have to be made to the way that Brodus Clay is presented to the audience.

First, the squash matches have to go. Squash matches serve a great function in building up a young star, but their presence in a superstar's career should not outlast their purpose—for Brodus Clay these matches stopped being interesting months ago.

By allowing Clay to wrestle in a full-length match (anything longer than three minutes would be preferable), Clay's character could be taken to new and interesting dimensions.

There is no reason that the Funkasaurus can't be both a lovable face and a force of destruction. Whales and sharks love to play with their food before eating it, so why can't Clay torture his opponents (in a "fun way") before going for the pin?

The truth is, however, that Clay's role as a superior superstar won't be cemented until he enters a real feud.

Feud's are the bread and butter of any WWE Hall of Famer, and if Clay ever wants to enter that pantheon of greatness, he needs to begin a program with another WWE superstar.

The list of stars that Clay could feud with is a long one. With many heels not doing much on WWE programing, one of them could easily help both his own career and Clay's by starting a feud.

If Clay wants to be taken to that next level, his best option would be to enter a feud with the Big Show.

A peek at this feud has been hinted at on WWE TV for the past couple of months, but for whatever reason the WWE has been hesitant about allowing what could be a great program to come into fruition.

A feud between Brodus Clay and the Big Show could play off the big-men feud that was seen between Show and Mark Henry last year. However, given the different nature of Clay and Henry, the differences are enough that this feud could be constructed as novel and interesting.

While the Big Show has interjected himself in the Heavyweight Title scene by going after current Champion Sheamus, their interaction with each other has proven to be boring. 

Show's interaction with Mark Henry last year proved that he is at his best during big-men feuds—the Big Show needs Brodus Clay to stay relevant as much as Clay needs Big Show to become relevant.

This battle of colossal proportions needs to happen. It would be the best use of both men and a substitute to the awful programing being put on by these two great superstars.

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